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Post Colonial Dreamer ~ Toxic Tails

Posted on the 09 October 2014 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

by Apride / Ancestral Pride

Ancestral Pride

Post Colonial Society! The dream, is for everything to burn down and collapse! Whole cities disappearing and the global village destroyed! Those of us who thought and are thinking ahead, should hopefully have prepared living spaces that are rooted in living close to the lands as our ancestors did, we will have refuge and can start to the work of raising generations who will help reverse the damage done and we can really be real human beings again living as we were meant! The end is very near, but we already knew that, I cannot even begin to describe the feelings of rage and grief over this tailings pond spill disaster in Mount Polley. This is a COPPER MINE that is owned by Imperial Metals, and over 1.3 billion gallons of toxic water has spilled into one of two the two most important water sheds here in so called BC. This nothing short of horrific and terrifying, seriously terrifying. The damage done is almost unfathomable, and all for greed and profit, all for this colonial modern lifestyle.

There are multiple articles on the TOXIC SPILL and many many updates on the travesty that is still going on. So far no efforts in clean up, rather a cover up with fast growing grass? No word from the Govt on enforcing any kind of mandatory fines or clean up of area. In short the disrespect that is shown makes it clear this govt is killing us for profit, aided and abetted by companies like Imperialist Metal Pigs!

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