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Update: First Week of March...

By Scarecrow
Update: First Week of March...I thought with a 7 day forecast like this, that we were about to have some more rain. So I dashed around and gathered drying seeds, cleared a few beds, stripped the corn and stored away the drying cobs for the chooks to eat during winter.
Well, we didn't get a drop of rain. Instead we entered one of the hottest beginnings to March (Autumn) on record...argh!!
Lowest Min 8.9C
Highest Max 32.2C
No Recorded Rainfall

Sorrel Red Veined Rumex sanguineus  Green Harvest
Salad Burnet Sanguisorba minor The Seed Collection
Hyssop Hyssopus officinalis The Seed Collection
Gypsophila Repens Rose Gypsophila repens The Seed Collection
Pansy Mini Comedy Mixed F2 Viola wittrockiana Mr Fothergill's
Dichondra repens Mr Fothergill's
Grass Blue Fescue Festuca glauca Mr Fothergill's
Grass Snowy Woodrush Luzula nivea Mr Fothergill's
Grass Bunny Tails Langurus ovatus Mr Fothergill's
Grass Green Fountain Pennistetum alopecuroides Mr Fothergill's
Note: Some of these grasses can be weeds in some areas - if growing them don't let them go to seed - remove flower heads before they dry.

Potting on:
Purchased Celery, Curled and Flat Leaved Parsley seedlings
Divided & Potted up:
Strawberries Alinta
Planted Out:
Garlic - the biggest cloves from the biggest bulbs from last years crop!

Update: First Week of March...
Update: First Week of March...
Update: First Week of March...
With weather forecasts like that one all I can say is...

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