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Update: Aug 1 - 15, 2013

By Scarecrow
Update: Aug 1 - 15, 2013We don't often get Magpies in the birdbaths but this one was having a great time.
Weather Highlights:
Lowest Min -3.1C
Highest Min 8.9C
Lowest Max 12.6C
Highest Max 18.9C
3mm Rain
The weather is a real mixed bag at the moment with beautiful sunny warm days followed by miserable drizzly days. Early morning frosts then windy days! The days are slowly lengthening as Spring very slowly approaches.

Alyssum Gold Dust Aurinia saxatilis Goodman Seeds
Basil Ocimum basilicum

  • Sweet Genovese Green Harvest *
  • Lettuce Leaf Cornucopia *
  • Thai Home saved Seeds
  • Minette Yates (Free Seed)
  • Large Italian Sweet The Lost Seed
  • Purple Ocimum basilicum cv purpurascens Phoenix seeds **OOD
Basil Thai Lime Ocimum americanum var. americanum 4Seasons Seeds
Borage White Borago officinalis  4Seasons Seeds
Dandelion Red Rib Chicorium intybus The Lost Seed
Evening Primrose Oenothera biennis Greenpatch **OOD
Helichrysum Semi Dwarf Bouquet Helichryssum bracteatum Eden Seeds
Kang Kong Ipomoea aquatica Phoenix seeds **OOD
Lettuce Lactuca sativa

  • Drunken Woman The Lost Seed
  • Gloria Select Organic **OOD
  • Darwin The Lost Seed **OOD 
Okahijiki (Land Seaweed, Japanese Saltwort) Salsola komarovii 4Seasons Seeds
Pink Old Fashioned Mixed Dianthus plumaris Mr Fothergill's
Strawberry Yellow Wonder Fragaria vesca 4Seasons Seeds
Strawberry White Soul Fragaria vesca 4Seasons Seeds
* No Expiry Dates on Packet Grr!!
** OOD = "Out of Date" either purchased on special or from my stash...they may or may not grow.

Potting On/Up:

Capsicum California Wonder
Capsicum Sweet Paprika
Capsicum Sweet Chocolate
Chilli Pepper Chilli Shake
Eggplant Long Purple  (just one so far)
Eggplant Casper (just one so far)
Lettuce Everlasting
Silverbeet Bright Lights
Planting out:
Red Choi Cabbage small seedlings
Spinach Galilee small seedlings
Peas Golden Podded seedlings
Into Bed 15 in the Old Chook Run Garden
Peas Sugarsnap seedlings
To grow up the trellis in the Old Chook Run Garden

Update: Aug 1 - 15, 2013As the Red Choi bolts to seed I've planted out another lot. 
Update: Aug 1 - 15, 2013With so much rain this winter the Snowpeas on the cornstalks grew very top heavy...the high humidity made the stalks weaken...then the extreme winds we are having...well the whole lot collapsed. We had a lovely harvest from them while they lasted and now they have been added to the mound bed in the Old Chook Run Garden to feed some corn next summer!
Getting ready to sow the Tomato seeds this weekend!!

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