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Update: April 2013 Week 1

By Scarecrow

Update: April 2013 Week 1The weather is still warm during the day keeping the soil warm but the night temps are dropping...the Brassicas all need the warmth to put on growth before the winter frosts arrive. In Bed 16 the Nasturtium seeds have germinated...they are Companion Plants to the Brussels Sprouts but may not be as frost resistant!


Lowest Min 5.8C
Highest Max 29.6C
No Recorded Rain 

Potting on:

Broccoli Royal Dome
Brussels Sprouts Ruby
Kale Lacinato
Kale Vates Blue
Kale Red Bor
Lettuce Gloria
Mizuna Purple
Parsley Curled and Italian
Elderberry cuttings
These went off to a friends garden along with some Common Mint and Sorrel that I dug up from the garden as requested.
Sweet Potato Beauregard (Orange)
Sweet Potato  Hawaiian Sunshine (Purple)
Sweet Potato White
These are for overwintering in the greenhouse

Planted out:

Kale Lacinato
Mizuna Purple
Lettuce Gloria
Upland Cress
Spring Onions Red
Planted into Bed 9
Broccoli Royal Dome
Greek Basil
Planted into Bed 7
Update: April 2013 Week 1
The mixed greens in bed 9 have been planted amongst the remaining Carrots and Parsnips from the spring planting...parsnips taste best after a frost. Room has been left for a strip of Spinach (on seed tape) to be planted next week near the carrots.
Update: April 2013 Week 1Even as tiny seedlings  those Red Veined Sorrels  Rumex sanguineus  are showing their colour!

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