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Unusual Bridges of the World

Posted on the 08 October 2012 by Davidowens

Bridges present one of the most complicated architectural constructions, and nearly the most fascinating ones as well. When you drive in a car and the road suddenly changes to a bridge, it produces a wonderful impression of flying above the land with only free space surrounding you. If the bridge is unusual, the pleasure of crossing it becomes even greater. Here is the top of the most unique bridges I dream to pass by one day on my motorcycle.

One of the most unusual and useful bridges at the same time was designed by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino in Italy, in region of Calabria. It is called Solar Wind and is supposed to be used as solar and wind power station which will provide several nearest towns with energy.

Another interesting bridge is situated in Germany. It was created by an architectural company GERB Engineers and presents a huge dragon which rises above the region and the back of which serves as the track for cars.

Egyptian pyramids are a symbol that human beings can create something eternal, and may be the designers of Krusrak Bridge in the Netherlands hope that their work will be as solid as these Egyptian masterpieces of architecture as they built this bridge in the form of a pyramid. It is better to cross this bridge at night time as the whole construction is beautifully illuminated in the darkness.

Unusual Bridges of the World

Though China and Hong Kong belongs to one country, road traffic in China is right-sided while in Hong Kong it is left-sided. So, this difference produces additional inconveniences during the crossing of the administrative frontier. That’s why these two regions are connected with a cunningly made bridge which makes the drivers automatically change their position on the road.

In big cities every free piece of land is precious so new resources are needed to be used. An architect James Gardner offers to use the water area of Thames by creating a module bridge across the river. This High Tide Street will consist of modules in which stores, libraries, cafes, theaters, cinemas and other facilities will be situated.

Bridges are used not only to get from one place to another but to promote popular social trends as well. Thus, Adidas Company created a pedestrian bridge which stretches above busy highway and looks like a famous German goalkeeper Oliver Kan jumping to catch the ball.

Unusual Bridges of the World

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