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Soul Calibur V – Evolution of Fighting

Posted on the 15 November 2012 by Davidowens

Virtual single combats and the genre of fighting have been always popular in the world of gaming. Fighting with hordes of enemies and using different kinds of weapon can be viewed as a good way to deal with everyday stress and give a way out to your aggression in this considerably peaceful manner. And if the fighting game is well developed, the characters are interesting and the graphics is of great quality the pleasure of playing the game becomes immense. One of the best games of the fighting genre, which was recently released, is, in my opinion, “Soul Calibur V”.

In this new game of the series you are provided with an opportunity to create the image of the personage and choose the weapon which answers your fighting style best. The game continues to use the feature of guest stars, but this time the developers have chosen more appropriate characters such as Azio Auditore, the main hero of “Assassin’s Creed” series. Some of the characters know all fighting styles and use this or that style according to the situation, which makes the game more unpredictable.

As for the fights themselves, they definitely became more dynamic. Besides, you should learn the options provided by game-pad really well in order to make your personage perform the set of necessary movements. Blind pressing of all buttons at once will not do in “Soul Calibur V”.

The game also allows you to practice unarmed fighting style which does not make your character weaker. Another interesting, though not original feature of the game is the ability to choose the character for which you will play and fight.

In my opinion, the most interesting hero of the series is Maxi, a karateka who presents a mixture of two personalities of the real world – Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee. Maxi looks like Elvis and fights like Bruce. His weapon is nunchaku, but the distance of his attacks is limited. However, Maxi is one of the fastest heroes of the game so the fights with his participation are always dynamic. In “Soul Calibur V” Maxi is 45 years old, but the developers decided not to add him wrinkles and preserve his reputation of the heart-breaker.

Another interesting character of the game series is Kilik who has undergone a complicated process of development. In the first game of the series Kilik started as just some nice guy but with time he acquired the state of enlightenment and received the opportunity to imitate the fighting style of every male opponent. He uses the stick of Kali-Yuga as his weapon.

All fights are equipped with well developed and beautiful background and qualitative soundtrack as well. Some of you may find “Soul Calibur V” boring – the plot is not very original indeed. However, the game performs all functions characteristic of the fighting genre – it is dynamic, and provides an opportunity to receive your portion of adrenaline. So, if your expectations are not too high, you will be pretty satisfied with the game.

Soul Calibur V – Evolution of Fighting

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