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Good and Evil

Posted on the 16 October 2013 by Davidowens

So a couple of days back I read this blog post about an elderly mormon couple that travels around the world forcing their beliefs on people around the world. That didn’t bother me, really, until I read that they “aren’t hoping to change the world, but they are hoping to make it a bit better by introducing people to Christ” or something like that (I don’t remember how exactly they phrased it). Now THIS bothers me. Even though I am Christian, I don’t understand how a person can make the world a bit better by forcing their beliefs on others. What, all the people who profess other religions are simply not able to make a difference? Is it a privilege of those who believe in Christ?
I do believe, but I have friends who don’t, and they are great people. They are more noble, smart and compassionate than some Christians, including me. I got so upset I actually had to listen to Deva Premal to chill :)
The older I get the more I realize that religion isn’t about church, Bible or Christmas songs and others alike. It is something you bear in your heart. Who wrote the Bible? New Testament (in case you don’t know here is wiki knowledge)? Most Christians are sure they know the answer. Do they, though? And what about the Old Testament (again, wiki is here)? How could they just change it? Throw it away like that? Maybe the New Testament will be changed eventually and then will this all even matter? And how can you possibly accept both: the old and the new one? They conflict with each other. In my opinion, it’s for your heart to decide what to do and how to act. It doesn’t matter whether or not you go to church if you can tell good from evil. You think bad people don’t know what they are doing? No one needs to tell them they are wrong, they already know that, deep down. And they do evil things not because they don’t believe in God. Everyone knows what’s good and what’s bad, and even if they don’t – there is law to guide them.
If you find it in your heart to do good no matter how hard it is – you are with God whether you consider yourself an atheist or not. And you can’t become good just because someone explains you the Bible. You choose either light or darkness regardless of what Bible says. So whatever that old mormon couple is doing, it’s pointless and simply offensive for those beliefs are a little different. I thought at 70 people are supposed to be less arrogant, how can they possibly think that only they know how the world works?

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