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By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
Yeah!, This post is really unplanned but happened


Yesterday!, when I was returning home from office, I was being stranded in road for more than 30 minutes due to heavy rain. Even though, we all love to have rain due to its advantages to the environment and humanity, how many of us love watching, keep enjoying  rain, in a stranded place?.

You may be!!I could not able to do!For the first 10 minutes, I was loving to watch the heavy fall of rain with lightning and thunder under a tree which has large number of branches and leaves, until it wet me.Once, I found it, wet me, I moved from there in rain to an another place, nothing other than a temple's entrance. I use to remember the following proverb always. 

Don't live in a place where there is no temple!!!
And I always use to doubt these guys that they had mis-interpreted it. It seems here is no street without a temple in TIRUPUR.

Not only money, the gain-expectation makes many dead like stone.I was standing there for more than 20 minutes in the entrance. There, Mr. Sakthivel, a business magnet, millionaire known to me came out of the temple and had a glimpse at me and got in to his car.

Do you imagine, what I could have done?I wished him!Remember, I may know him, but not he?This may be, in an expectation that he might help in future for us, the development in the field of cricket or something that we might not know! (An info: He is the patron of District Cricket Association of Tirupur)This is not the topic which we are going to see here. I request you to see it in detail, here.DISCOVERYRemember not invented!The rain reminded me, of my school days and my thinking and questions which were so cute to me while studying and turned to be a laughter now.While raining, I found the following things that were new to me (alone) and felt shy for myself to had missed them for the past 30 years.

  1. When the lightning is so bright, sharp and concentrated in less area, the thunder is very heavy and blasting like atom bombs. (Could you understand my inability to explain the nature with itself. I had used an inventory to compare the nature)
  2. When the lightning is glittering in uniform, around an area of about the possible vision of 45degree angle i.e., might be around 800 meters and above, the thunder is uniform and sounds like large number of big drums playing for around 5 to 8 seconds.
  3. When the lightning is blinking in uniform around the same area as above, the thunder is light but like the same above, in addition, it is like a waving of sound (not echo)

Note: Time lagging for thunder was 5 to 8 seconds after lightning.
The rain was visible to had registered up to 10 to 15mm for human eye. But the actual record would be varying with the amount of water reached ground/ absorbed by ground in uniform, I guess!
Even though, I could not entertain the rain in a stranded place, I thought of my kids about their reactions and enjoyment and missed them with the happenings.

I registered the rain drops falling in the world's foremost, unmatched camera and hard disk nothing other than my eyes and heart.It is a double feeling of enjoyment and the anxiety.THINKINGThe nature has no matching at all, by any means. I wish to share my extra ordinary thinking in my school days and my eager which rose on yesterday.I was keep asking my Teacher (Mr. SRN sir (S. Raghu Nathan)) about my doubts risen often.One of my favorite doubts still I remember is

How would be a lightning in a place would be seen on its other side
He kept smiling, when I asked!

Now I realize the fact behind his smile.
My eagerness is that wish to see from air, the rain, the lightning by traveling in an Aeroplane. And I guess that the plane would be flying above the rainy clouds and so the lightning would also be the same like when seeing from ground with a difference of position.BYELast word before leaving!I could able to hear from my kids saying by lying topple in the bed "Arjuna, Arjuna" when thunder sounds!!!I looked at my Grandma in anger and tried to convince my kids by saying nothing would change with it, with a half heart.She was watching all with a smile and enthu!!!I could able to realize her enjoyment with the kids which I missed narrowly.Velsposted by: vels / http://www.velsprim8.blogspot.comPosted by Vels

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