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University Or Community College?

By Townhousepalette @townhousepal

University or Community College?

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Hello everyone | Long time, no talk? Today is not a beauty post, but a talking post geared towards college. I always hated school, not because I hate learning, but because of the tests! Although I hate them, I still study because I want good grades to get into a good university. NOTE: I can't even spell college right!
College is a place where you spend thousands of dollars to get a education and piece a paper to get a job. To be quite honest, I really want to go to a big, well known college because it seems like a good experience. The only problem is the MONEY!!! An in-state college has tuition of 10,000 and a out-of-state has a tuition of 40,000+.  Not to mention that, that to get a full ride scholarship you should be solving algebra at the age of two.
The government literally makes billions and billions of dollars off of kids who just want to get an education. Two of my favorite Youtubers are Jenn Im and Claire Marshall. Jenn went to a community collage for two years before transferring to a UC Davis, which is very  intelligent.  Before I learned that she did this, my told me I should go to a community college and then transfer. Hmm...maybe I should listen to her more. Claire, on the other hand, went to college for two years then dropped out. She now works as a makeup artist and lives fun-filled life with her cat, Bruce (Bru-micester).
When you are senior year, you get called up and some teacher announces that nice graded student is going to community college, and everyone will give you *that look*.
To avoid that, I have come up with a plan:
  1. Get into a super expensive/well-known university
  2. That university will be announced
  3. Drop out of that university as soon as I step foot of the stage
With all-joking aside. I think it is really dumb that colleges charge a huge deal of money for just attending their school. The average family makes less than 100,000 a year. I really want to go to a university like Michigan, Ohio State, or New York: but at the moment community college sounds pretty good.

Where would you spend your first two years of college?

 Community College

 Microscopic University (1,000-10,000)

 Small University (11,000-20,000)

 Medium University (21,000- 30,000)

 Big University (31,000-49,000)

 HUGE University (50,000+)

 I don't really care free polls 

Whats the best thing about college?

Paying tuition

"Paying" for educational books

"Paying" for educational books

Living in a tiny dorm

Paying for a meal plan

Studying & Exams

That feeling when you are the last one taking an exam while everyone else is partying or at home

None because paying for school is the worst thing ever! free polls 

Thanks for reading-XOXO

Tell me your thoughts?
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