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Get Organized

Posted on the 28 November 2012 by Daddybear @papaosoflow

Hi, today I would like to share with you a great concern that perhaps many of you reading this article will feel identified. Sometimes, I feel that I am not doing the right things to achieve my goals. There are so many details as to which one has to take into account as an entrepreneur, when creating a product or marketing a product. The integration of social networks, blogs, websites and other can be a tremendous headache. As many of you, I work in a regular job, work with music, and I'm doing my Masters online which requires much time and effort to do well. I also have personal goals that I want to achieve, like to be a successful entrepreneur and a successful music producer. The key to success is organization. I like the music and all that it offers.  At the moment I am creating a strategic planfor marketing and promotion of all I am working in my company and my personal projects. For my plan to be successful it is important to organize all my ideas and rank them by priority. My strategic plan is to broadcast a weekly video with everything I am working in the studio of My Own Music. The video will be broadcast every Sunday right through YouTube page of My Own Music and promote it using all the social networks which include twitter, facebook, linkedin, and tumblr. Also, I wanted to be promoted right through Internet sites and urban music blogs. What I want to create with this concept is to reach the public and audience who do not know of My Own Music and its artists. At first, what I was doing was publishing songs every week without any tracking. That idea or concept is not bad but positive results are few and slow. The new plan is to create an urgency to hear and know what is happening in My Own Music. Although this plan is easy to create the reality is that it takes time and effort on my part to make the concept or the plan to succeed. Perhaps you may also have a concept you want to do, but time is against you as happens to me. The best way to combat this weakness is organized. What I did was make a weekly calendar and monthly calendar divided with all the projects I'm currently working on My Own Music. For example, if I will post a song next Saturday the promotion of that song have to go right through the Sunday before with the video that I will spread right through YouTube. As much as you have to be clear about it, is what you have to do besides an outstanding video. For example, know the schedule of your regular job and check your university assignments deadlines and write it on the calendar. This will give you a better idea of how to carry out the plan once you know their availability one can create better plan. The important thing is to plan and organize your best. Maybe at the beginning it will seem difficult, but if we organize everything, as it should be at the end we will see the good results. If you never fight for what you want, you will never see your reward. Get Organized!

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