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University: #MakeItRight In An Emergency

By Ninegrandstudent

Not being able to make calls sucks. Not being able to send a text is heartbreaking. Not being able to access the internet is terrifying. This is all especially true (to me at least) during university term. I might need a late night taxi home from the station or Dad’s guidance on how to work the washing machine, emotional support when squishing a spider, or just a chat with W. And check when my next lecture is, obvs.

 photo MakeItRight Three 2_zpsstjozgfj.jpg
I’m not exactly the most…sensible…of people with my phones. During the first ever term of university I fell out of a taxi (completely sober having finished a late shift at work), sending my phone crashing into a puddle. I’ve also not had the best luck tech-wise, with three faulty Samsung and a dreadful HTC in the last four years. I’ve recently upgraded to a lovely new phone and I’m determined to keep it as safe and unblemished as possible. For me that involves not putting it in risky situations.

Three are keen for me to #MakeItRight and show you just how important having an emergency phone is. They sent me over a Lumia 530 to take out and about where my new phone would be ‘at risk.’ Whilst I’m not a fan of clubbing, one of the best things about this is that it’s a lot smaller than my actual phone making it the ideal exercise companion. It fits in my hand far easier than mine so it’s perfect for taking on a run. Not that my fitness routine is getting much action since my experience with a tick in Devon…!

 photo MakeItRight Three 1_zps0ld6adzd.jpg
Perhaps even more wonderfully, they also sent over a battery pack. As someone who consistently forgets to charge their phone this goes a long way to easing my bad habit. I can see this becoming an absolutely godsend on Friday night travels up to Will’s, but it’s equally as helpful when I’ve spent gaps between lectures having a Pinterest binge…

 photo MakeItRight Three 3_zpsabl8vg7f.jpg
I’d never really considered having an emergency phone as a university must-have, but having one has pretty much changed my mind. With a Three SIM-only deal I’ve found that I can top up as and when I need to, always remaining in contact with friends and family. Touch wood I’ve not had any accidents with my actual phone, but it’s always good to know I have a backup plan!

Oh yes, and university post on a Tuesday?! That’s partly down to scheduling problems meaning this didn’t go live on Sunday, and partly because being back at university means I’m having to post less often. And don’t have the budget for fashion/beauty posts every week…

Do you have an emergency phone, or would you consider having one?

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