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Unhackable Wifi Password Type Encryption

Posted on the 28 September 2014 by Pratyaksh Somani @somanitechshow
WiFi Connectivity is the most common mode of internet connectivity these days with the advent of Smart-Phones. And so WiFi's are now very common at Homes and Shops. Since we don't want our WiFi is used by everyone, if it is not a free free public WiFi then we put password on WiFi connection.
best password type for WiFi So our today's post is on The Best WiFi Password Encryption so that it is secured from unauthorized outside access.

Available WiFi Encryption Types

We have basically 4 types of WiFi password encryption available, they are, WEP, WPA, WPA2 and TKIP. All encryption available are explained in detail in this post. And also the best encryption to use so that the WiFi password is un-cracked and it remains secure.

WEP Encryption

This is the weakest Encryption. It is easily hacked using WiFi Analyzers. One such tool is Commview for Wifi. It can easily break your password and hacker can use your WiFi. You should avoid this encryption as far as possible.

WPA Encryption

WPA has got one level up in security but WPA can also be breached using Commview for Wifi and Word dictionary. So it is not recommended to use this Encryption. But it is normally not that easily hacked as WEP but still due to threats it is not recommended.

WPA2 password

To overcome the flaws of WPA encryption, WPA2 came into flow. This is also the available encryption in Android Tethering. This is safe, though can be breached only by some extra talented Black Hat Hackers, so can be used without worrying.

TKIP Encryption

TKIP is the safest and the strongest for WiFi password Encryption. This is completely safe and secure. You should use this encryption as this is the best of all available encryption.

So now if you are using WEP encryption then it puts a question on your security. Is your WiFi secure? And the best password for your WiFi.

Best Wifi Password Type

We have many encryption types available for use, but as I already told you in above lines WEP encryption can be easily hacked using Commview for WiFi.

Also WPA can be cracked using Brute-Force method. This makes WPA unsecure.
So the best type for Wifi Password is TKIP.
WPA2 is also safe and secure but the best and the strongest WiFi password type is TKIP. So if you are using WEP or WPA I suggest you to make it TKIP or WPA2.

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