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Best VLC Media Player Alternatives

Posted on the 15 February 2015 by Pratyaksh Somani @somanitechshow
VLC Media Player voids warranty. Hell yeah this is true and if your Laptop's speaker gets damaged by VLC Player then you cannot claim warranty. You can see proof Here.
So now this is for sure that if you are trying to watch a movie which is decoded in very slow volume and using VLC to boost it, then get ready to loose your speakers.

Here in today's post at SomaniTechShow we have VLC Media Player alternatives. Have a look at them. Note, all are freewares and all are compatible with Windows XP and above up-to Windows 8�� with no special requirements.

The Best VLC Media Player Alternatives

Though there are many freewares media players are available over internet we have the best alternatives for VLC.1)Adobe Media Player: It is a modern media player designed for playing both audio and video files hassle free. It can stream high quality videos. It works perfect on all type of files, whether downloaded on streaming online coupled with simple interface.

Best VLC media player Alternatives

Image Courtesy: File Hippo

Best VLC media player Alternatives
You can subscribe to watch online paid webcasts. It allows you to share and manage library easily. Trying it first time, it gave me good result. Give it a try.
~2.5 MB

2) BS Player: This player is used by more than 70 Million and is available in more than 90 languages. It can also stream YouTube movies, videos directly. It can also play AVCHD video format movies (AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition) used in digital tape-less camcorders.
Best VLC media player Alternatives

Further it automatically downloads and stores in hard disk the missing sub-titles. So using this player you don't have to search for sub-titles over internet.>>>Download<<<

3) Miro: Miro is more than a media player. It has got impressive features. It is very easy to organize the media library in Miro. Also very easy to switch to Miro from iTunes. Further it organizes and manages playlist in your Android device. Miro best features are:

Best VLC media player Alternatives
  • Converts and syncs to Android & Kindle Fire.
  • Video Converter.
  • Share Your Media on your Network.
>>>Download<<<~45 MB

4) Full Player: This player supports all the popular media formats, which includes DVDRip, HDTV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, RMVB, QuickTime, AC3/DTS, VP3/6/7, Indeo, XVD, OGG/OGM, APE, FLAC, TTA, AAC, MPC, 3GP/AMR, and also subtitles.

Best VLC media player Alternatives

Image Courtesy: Full Player

Also it has got an amazing features like-
  • Eye Care: This feature takes care of your eyes for long time watching, and thus ensures a healthy viewing experience.
  • Power Travel: This reduces energy consumption and so increases the battery time for notebook.

5) Media Player Classic Home Cinema: MPC is another light weight coded package optimized for complete entertainment and good user experience.
A lot of predefined shortcuts are available. Users can customize them as per their needs, also new can be added.

Best VLC media player Alternatives

Image Courtesy: MPC

>>>Download<<<~12 MB

6) GOM Player: Another "All-Purpose" video player that is capable of playing all major video formats flawlessly. It has got excellent User Interface coupled with advanced functionality.

Best VLC media player Alternatives

Image Courtesy: GOM Player

- Can run even on low configuration systems.
- Keyboard shortcuts making things go easy.
- Customized skins keeps your eyes fresh. 
- GOM Remote: Can Control GOM Player from your phone and Tablet.
- A video Player supports all versions of Windows.
7) KM Player: Another very popular, and one of my favorites, player that can run on all versions of Windows PC and also on Smartphones (Android and iOS only).
For the sound Codec, KMPlayer supports MPEG1, MPEG2, AAC, WMA 7, WMA 8, OGG & lots more extensions are supported.


* Easy install and supports all major formats.
* Clean and easy User Interface.
* Keyboard Shortcuts for making the thing easy and quick.
* Cool graphics properties.

Best VLC media player Alternatives

Add caption: KM Player


- Sometimes High Definition videos jerks on low configuration systems.
>>>Download<<<~34 MB

>>>Download KM Player for Mobile<<<

8) ALL Player: Another free Media player supporting all video and audio formats. It is more than simply a media player.
Best VLC media player Alternatives

It has some features that made us include it here. Some characteristic features of All Player are-
* Clean and simple User Interface.
* Supports free subtitles. Automatically download them.
* A free video player with Online Radio
* Easy Playlists for watching movies and listening to your favorite songs.
* Easy installation process.
* Parental Control for password protecting video files.
* Available for Android smartphones.
So these were the best alternatives of VLC Player. Now feel free to share your experience and views.And don't forget to share this with your friends.

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