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Understanding the Japanese Groping Problem

Posted on the 18 June 2011 by George @ledonvinton

Groping in japan- chickan

I feel groping (also known as Chikan in Japan) done on public transport is one of the dark stains on Japan.  It’s understandable to get a few cases around the world of perverts making use of the opportunity to grab a feel but the problem seems more serious in Japan.

I was surprised to find out the real reason behind why women have special carriages during peak times, which is to prevent them from getting groped in overcrowded trains.  I’ve also come across facts like more than 4000 men are arrested each year for groping on public transport.  There are also special groper groups where the gropers meet and plan new tactics on their beloved sport.

Nothing really surprises me with human beings anymore but I’ve been thinking why it is so adamant in Japan.  I mean, there are a few other countries like India and South Africa that have similar ‘women only’ sections.

I’m basing my opinions plainly my limited knowledge of Japan.  It seems the problem lies in the culture.  More specifically introvert nature and how everyone keeps to their selves.  I feel that is why many of the women find it hard to resist or fight back openly. The nature to fight or resist isn’t there. It’s even made worse with the perceived dominance of men over women.  Compare a groping situation in a London Underground commute.  I doubt if any woman would stand for it.

February 2010- 16 year old high school girl grabbed a 21 year old grouper and handed him over to the police.  The girl is a member of her high school judo team.

In the western culture times have moved on and women rights have improved over the years but it seems that of Japan is very slow if any change is happening at all.  Have heard stories for fully qualified women with master degrees are the ones serving tea in the meeting room.  I’m not sure how true it is myself.

Having said this, it does not answer why so many of the men want to do it or why they enjoy doing it.  Perhaps the culture is so respectful to the point that social interactions are limited and not free enough.  And perhaps this might be what triggers some gropers.  It gives them the opportunity to explore what they’ve never had.  Touch girls they’ve always been shy of asking out or exploring their male dominance.

In the end the situation has brought out different outcomes.  More women are standing up and fighting back but there are also men who are falsely accused.  I’ve heard that some men go out of their way to make sure there two hands can be clearly seen in case they are falsely accused.  Some men have actually requested ‘Men only’ carriages too.


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