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Unanswered iIlusions

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
The phrase is quiet complex
Let us try to clear it with some examples
  • Now - a - days, I am fond of my kids. But before them, marriage...?
  • The stand in our mind, the vision in our eyes, the action in present life varies day by day
  • Basically I'm interested in learning and performing agriculture
  • In contrast, I have no Agricultural land.
  • I chose three fields to own Agricultural Land; the process-try is under way for the past 15-18 years. Sighting some hope of possibility in the first field itself
  • It is a life-time target. In the middle the life style got twisted so many times, the life bus stopped at so many stages. However by birth nature still trying to withstand 
  • On the other side, planning to buy jewels for wife and daughter
  • Planning to educate kids at a better standard, to train all the talent in them, to teach all the languages and arts in the world
  • Aiming to buy land for building house and live a dream full life of my childhood days
  • Earn money in good way and spend for the good cause of the society in directly to the family.
  • Love to have all the people as good, genuine, human
I have an old question still has not been answered from my childhood.
Who am I? Why am I? for what am I? Not only mine, all this world and people. In child hood My mind won it by the name of GOD & Miracle. But there is now, a cold war between Mind and Knowledge about the possibility of GOD and Supreme Power.I could realize the things which could only be experienced and to know the truth it is not always necessary to post mortem every thing.
But finally I could say something sure. It is, "the universe exists naturally from micro cells of every object! They have some definite laws of their own to withstand! But it is due to the command of Supreme Power nothing than GOD"The big question and answer to be noted is that the Power-GOD is monitoring/supervising every one in individual. The fact behind the saying "GOD IS WATCHING EVERY THING-ACTION OF ALL", is nothing but the composition of GOD material in usThe answer for the question Who is GOD? Where is HE? could never be written in words, shown in images/records. TO BE REALIZED!!!UNTIL THEN HE IS AN ILLUSIONBUT FOR ME HE IS UNANSWERED?No comments are greeted with closed mindYour VelmuruganSee your work Vel. Go and Search for Lunch in some other new hotel for today. (Since it is Summer Vacation). It is primary for you. Not the above!!!????LOL [laughing out loud]posted by: vels / http://www.velsprim8.blogspot.comPosted by Vels

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