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Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender at Debaltsevo

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

English subtitles. This is part of a group of 350 Ukrainians that have surrendered to the NAF. In the past, Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered were charged with breaking the law for some unknown crime that carried a 9 year prison sentence. I am uncertain what will happen to these troops when they are sent back home.

As you can see, they are being treated very well. Some of them have beards, so it looks like they probably have not been shaving for a while. They are loading some of the men in tarps and carrying them along. I am wondering if they are wounded or dead.

The conditions of the surrender were to give up all the Ukrainians’ weaponry.

The NAF will not be able to hold these troops prisoner due to resource limitations, so they will all be released and sent back home. This may seem like a bad idea as they will  only return to fight again another day, but I have a feeling that a lot of these men will not come back to fight later on. I think a lot of them will just go AWOL and leave the country, probably going to Russia. So it looks like win-win from the NAF’s point of view.

Reports that the NAF took all of Debaltsevo are in error. Instead, the NAF has 80% of the city and street fighting is ongoing.

To the north in Logvinovo, the NAF held out under another massive Ukrainian assault on the town. A previous assault a few days left severe NAF casualties, but they managed to hold the town. Last night, a group of some of the best trained Ukrainians stormed the city. The result was a chaotic Hellish melee of a battle with a lot of what boiled down to hand to hand fighting in the dark. Somehow the NAF managed to hold the town again but both sides probably took serious losses.

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