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Ukraine Sitrep February 8, 2015

Posted on the 08 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

This is one of the best and easiest to read Ukraine sitreps on the Net. Please feel free to read and repost. Much of my data comes from Russian-language sources.

New map of the fighting dated February 1-2.

New map of the fighting dated February 1-2. Click to enlarge. Use this map to locate the towns described in the sitrep.

Once again, the main fighting is around the Debaltsevo pocket where 3,500 NAF troops have surrounded 8,000 Ukies.

Today, the NAF took Redkodub. Reports that it was taken earlier were in error.

The video above shows NAF troops after Redkodub was taken.

Also today, the strategic town of Nyzhnje Lozove 3 miles north of Debaltsevo was taken by the NAF. Reports that the NAF took this town earlier were in error.

Most of Chernuhino has been taken by the NAF. Ukies remain in only a few areas.

In addition, the NAF seized another part of Debaltsevo itself.

There was heavy fighting and shelling today in Uglegorsk and Kalinovka. Although the NAF have reportedly taken both towns, there is still a lot of fighting going on, especially in Kalinovka.

The NAF assaulted Maloorlovka in the south of the pocket.

Fighting also spread to Mironovsky and Mironivka in the north of the pocket as the NAF assaulted both towns.

There was heavy fighting today in Svetlodorsk with both sides attacking each other.

In amazing news, the NAF claims to have surrounded Troitskoe. It is great news if it is true.

Reports that the NAF has taken Popasnaya are in error. There is heavy fighting going on, and most of the city has been destroyed but the Ukies are still quite strong here.

From Popasnaya to Lugansk, there are no significant changes, but in the Kryimskoe area, attacks and counterattacks by both sides have resulted in failed Ukie attempts to take Checkpoint 31 and Novotoshkovskoe.

Northwest of Donetsk, the NAF seized a checkpoint on the outskirts of Avdeevka.

Reports that the NAF has taken most or all of Peski are in error. Actually, the Ukies continue to hold most of the town amid heavy fighting.

An NAF reconnaissance group carried out an action in Ukie-controlled Karlivka, northwest of Donetsk. I cannot find that town, but it seems to be near the airport.

West of Donetsk, another NAF reconnaissance group carried out an action in the Ukie-controlled part of Marinka.

The Ukies continue to mass forces in the Elenovka and Dokuchaevsk area for a major assault.

South of Donetsk, Ukie shelling of Dokuchaevsk and Komsomolsk resulted in the deaths of 4 civilians.

On the front line from Granitnoe to Mariupol, there have been no significant changes here.

The NAF seized a checkpoint on the outskirts of Mariupol.

The Ukies are attacking Shirokino, east of Mariupol.

A large NAF force is moving from Stahanov and Alchevsk towards Lomovatka and Vergulevka. That is in the direction of Debaltsevo.

Ukies are reporting that the NAF is attacking all along the front and is massing large forces for possible attacks on Debaltsevo and Mariupol.

The EU has now agree that the Minsk accord front lines are no longer operative and the armistice must be established at the new front lines, which means that the NAF gets to keep the territory they conquered in the offensive this month. This is a significant change on the part of the EU.

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