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Ukraine mini-SITREP May 21th, 20:42 UTC

Posted on the 22 May 2014 by Calvinthedog

Let me explain a bit about the below. Apparently two sets of Russian journalists were captured in Eastern Ukraine by the US-supported putschist forces. One group was badly beaten up and then photographed with their heads on the group with guns pointing at them.

Now this sick State Department bitch, Jen Psaki, says that both that group of Russian reporters and another group detained the other day were apparently spies! Huh?! They were reporters, come on! Nothing has been heard from either group as the first group is still incommunicado. Obviously the regime is really trying its best to provoke a Russian armed military response for whatever reasons. As they take their orders from the US Empire, that then means that the US is absolutely adamant about trying force Russia into a military response in the East for whatever bizarre reasons. If Russia goes into the East, expect the propaganda to go crazy.

Oleg Tsarev is an opposition politician with the Party of Regions. He formerly served in Parliament until he took leave due to constant threats. A major backer of the regime, Kolomoisky, recently threatened him via phone call in a very odd way, saying that they had uncovered a plot to have him killed for $1 million, and he best leave the country. There was no plot to have him killed – instead, Kolomoisky was threatening Tsarev’s life.

Now mysterious forces have burned Tsarev’s house to the ground. Previously, his neighbor’s house had been burned to the ground by accident.

The reference to Psaki talking about a fire is a reminder to the US response to the burning deaths of a large number of unarmed opposition protesters by US-supported fascist thugs in the Labor Hall in Odessa. The US media acted as if they fire had just mysteriously taken place of its own accord, or else that the protesters had set the building on fire themselves. The media also managed to somehow blame Russia for the whole mess, saying that the protesters were actually armed Russian agents. Actually, everyone was from Odessa, none of them were either armed nor Russians and they did not set themselves on fire of course.

The disgusting bombing of the Belgrade TV station during the Kosovo War by the US is then referenced. The US also bombed the offices of Al Jazeera in Kabul and in Baghdad during the invasions of both countries. Obviously the US makes a habit out of targeting journalists reporting for the other side.

Ukraine mini-SITREP May 21th, 20:42 UTC

It’s not really news, but it still amazes me: for two days in a row no Jen Psaki, speaking for the regime in Washington, has declared that the USA has doubts about the real affiliation of the Russian journalists working for the Russian new outlet LifeNews. Even though the professional record of these journalist is in the public domain and very well know (they have worked for many years including abroad), Mrs Psaki believes it is possible that there were spies. Ditto for the reporters of Russia Today which are still being held incommunicado.

This is about how the corporate media is reporting things.

This is about how the corporate media is reporting things.

Also in the news, the house of Oleg Tsarev has finally been burned.

I say finally, because:

1) The oligarch-mobster Kolomoisky had promised that to Tsarev
2) Tsarev had predicted that too
3) The house next to Tsarev had already been torched by mistake

I suppose that Mrs Psaki will speak of a “natural fire”, or a “spontaneous combustion” or even an “operation of the Russian special forces” and threaten Russia with more sanctions.

State Department spokespersons are also the most shameless liars, and Psaki is no exception.

State Department spokespersons are also the most shameless liars, and Psaki is no exception.

As for the Western media, it couldn’t care less. Just like when Uncle Sam bombed the TV station in Belgrade. After all, anybody opposing the Anglo-Zionist Empire is a) a propagandist and b) subhuman.

Kind regards,

The Saker

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