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Ugly Race Riot in Milwaukee

Posted on the 16 August 2016 by Calvinthedog

I am just hearing about this right now, but it has been going on for a few days now ever since Saturday night, August 13. There was more rioting on Sunday night on August 14 and and early this Monday morning on August 15.

This is a very ugly race riot. It reminds me of the Watts Riots and the LA Riots in 1993. The things that remind me of those riots:

  • Ongoing rioting for more than one or two days. A riot lasting a few to several days or longer is always an ugly riot.
  • Multiple buildings looted and seven businesses set ablaze or or destroyed.
  • Eight police wounded. That’s a lot.
  • Heavy gunfire through much of the rioting. During the very bad LA riots mentioned above, there is usually a lot of gunfire such that police are often pinned down and unable to respond.
  • People wounded by gunfire. People getting shot is always bad news. A lot of people got shot in the Watts Riots.
  • Attacks on fire trucks and firemen. When they start attacking the fire trucks and firemen, you know it’s a bad riot. There were a lot of attacks on firefighters in both LA riots. The Watts Riots were especially bad in that regard.
  • Attempts to pull White motorists out of their cars so they can assault them. This is how the famous assault on Reginald Denny occurred in the LA riots. This sort of thing was also going on in the Watts riots. When a bad race riot like this breaks out, all Whites really need to stay the Hell away and not go lookie-looing at it.
  • Two police cars set ablaze and several more damaged. When they start setting police cars on fire, it’s always a bad riot.

When things like that start happening, it is more than just a police riot. Now you have an out and out race riot similar to the ones we had so many of back in the 1960’s.

August 13

Several cars including one police car set on fire.

BP gas station, an O’Reilly auto parts store, a beauty supply store and a BMO Harris branch bank set on fire. The gas station was looted before it was burned.

Supermarket and liquor store destroyed.

Metro PCS along with other stores looted.

When police arrived, gunshots were heard. Firefighters could not put out gas station fire at first due to gunshots but eventually got the fire under control. Rioters attacked fire trucks with bricks. One fireman injured when hit with a brick. Reporters and photographers attacked, one shoved to the ground and assaulted.

Four police wounded, 17 rioters arrested.

August 14, night

Crowd threw objects at police.

Man shot and wounded near the rioting. Police needed armored car to retrieve him.

Rioters attempted to pull White motorists out of their cars so they could assault them.

Gunfire was reported. 30 shots fired during the rioting.

August 15, early AM

Three police cars and a BearCat vehicle damaged.

One vehicle and one dumpster set on fire.

Windows broken on store.

Four police wounded.

14 rioters arrested.

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