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Types of Personal Responsibilities in Life with Examples List

Posted on the 10 December 2020 by Lifecoachbloggers

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Here is a list of common personal responsibilities with all might have to fulfill. These are some most common, popular life aspirations, objectives by age from 10, 30 to all your life including relationship goals. It is a chart or checklist you can consider. put this in your dairy or journal. it is for girls, boys, couples and for your personal growth. Keep this as a motivation, a mind map. this is also for people who believe that life has no goals or purpose. Take a quiz or treat this as a questionnaire of young adults and for seniors. It could life goals zen habits:

List of Common Life Goals with Examples

List of Common life responsibilities with Examples

  1. Health
  2. Environment
  3. Aspirations
  4. Relationship goals
  5. Things and materials
  6. Society: contributing to the society


Health includes mental and physical.


People aspire this responsibility of being contented, satisfied, being happy and peaceful.


People set personal goals to be physically healthy. It includes loosing or gaining weight, making cosmetic changes, ensuring basic daily activities are done by themselves without depending on others


People set life responsibility towards improving the environment around them. This includes leading a sustainable life. Contributing towards other living and non living species and things around them. It includes enhancing the lives of plants and animals around them.


Personal aspirations, majorly professional, include superior or quality education, finding a dream job, excel in the present job towards technical and managerial positions.


Relationship goals include taking care of parents, children, spouse and grandchildren. It includes spending time with the loved once, going on a vacation with relatives and friends.


These are materialistic goals such as buying an expensive mobile phone, owning a house, making more wealth.


Improving one's own community, country, group or family can be categorized under this goal. It includes paradigm shift in the belief system of a society, changing the mindset of society towards an opinion or idea, bringing trends in the community, religion, influencing people around towards a common goal.
Setting life goals is an important everyday intrapersonal life skill and it helps to perform our life roles in an efficient and effective manner. It aids you when you life make life transitions, make personal decisions and handle intrapersonal value conflicts. On the other hand, it also enhances your interpersonal intelligence as it will help you to build interesting personal and professional relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts, because you're quite clear about your life goals. Depending on the time, values, effort and passion, one can achieve either all of the goals or any one or more of them. Above all, it also depends on to what degree each of these goals are achieved. Some may want to spend their entire life towards achieving just one goal listed above. For example, one may spend the entire life to ensure that they live together with his/her spouse all through the life by relaxing all the rest of the goals. With a little patience and perseverance, you'll be able to memorize and remember this simple memory aid, HEART mnemonic, to recall all your common life responsibilities though it requires patience and perseverance.

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