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Use of Common Sense Examples in Real Life Situations

Posted on the 25 August 2022 by Lifecoachbloggers

 The list of use of common sense can be summarized using a simple mnemonic TOAST FAST. Everyone, by nature, possess common sense and that is why it is called so. TOAST FAST stands for:

  • use of common sense examplesTouch
  • Olfactory (Smell)
  • Auditory (Hear)
  • See
  • Taste
TOAST can be considered as very basic set of common sense. while the below list can be classified as intermediate:
  • Feel 
  • Act
  • Subconscious
  • Thought
Here is the list of examples for TOAST FAST:

Touch Examples

  1. Intrapersonal: when you sit relaxed, do you consciously feel the touch of your own palms on your chin, your hands resting on the table, your legs touching the floor. your back touching the wall when you lean
  2. Interpersonal: when you consciously realize the touch of your loved one, emotions such as love, affection, trust and compassion develops.

Olfactory (smell) Examples

Type A: smell of flowers, fragrance, delicious food, room and car freshners, sandal etc.Type B: smell of chemical burning, LPG cylinder, foul smell, pungent smell and so on.

Auditory Examples

  1. Close to you to away from you: all the noises and sounds you hear things and people close to you and those voices and sounds that you hear away from you. for instance, the sound of the bell of a temple when you sit at home.
  2. One Vs many noises: just close your eyes and listen to what you hear and you'll stunned, at the same time, at a given interval of time, you would hear many noises and sounds such as fan noise, children playing, old man coughing, keyboard typing and so on.

See Examples

You see the colour, shape, size, distance, texture, age and beauty of an object

Taste Examples

Sweet, Hot, Soar, Salt and plain are the common taste


HEAPS : you feel Happy, Embarrassed, Anticipation and curiosity, Puzzled and Spiritual.


You act Tangible, walk, jump, sit, talk, and intangibly such as being responsible, taking decisions, and wait patiently.


Though classified under common sense, it happens without your knowledge but you can sense it when you observe. Example, your heart beat, pulse, eye blink and breathing.


You think Optimistically, Pessimistically, Empathetically and Neutrally
So common sense is quite common and you do not put any effort as it is there naturally in you as a human being.

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