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Turquoise and Coral - Color Combo

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Turquoise and Coral - Color Combo It's no secret that it's a happy day when you're young children finally start to dress themselves.  Mimi has long been a self-dresser, mainly because she is VERY particular about what she likes to wear.  She will often lay all her pieces of apparel on the bedroom floor, swapping this shirt or that skirt, until she has a mini-me laid out on the ground to her liking, then, and only then, she gets dressed.
Yes, such pre-dressing-angst is a pain some times, especially when you're in a hurry, but it is far easier than dealing with the 'other kid,' who doesn't want to wear anything, or at least not that, or this, or whatever else you pick out for them and try to jamb over their head in growing desperation that they turn up to preschool in something other than their pajamas!
Little Lotti decided for herself this morning, (ok so it took some persuasion), that since she didn't like what I was choosing for her, the best thing she could do was pick it out herself and get changed - Woohoo!
As we were walking to school I took a photo of her pretty little color combo; coral and turquoise.  I love both colours on their own, but together, they are especially beachy.
And to make this post more crafty - here's a top tip for you to try while viewing your Pinterest boards.  Regular readers know that I love the 'squint test' where you semi close your eyes to look at the world, the reason being that you get rid of all the detail and just see basic colors.  Well the same thing applies to your Pinterest boards.
If you hit the control and minus buttons on your keyboard (Ctrl-) you minimize your screen, or zoom out, and can see the whole board as a series of tiny pictures.  (You can do the same for any screen on your computer, including this here, now - and you can reverse the process by hitting "Ctrl+").
Now look at your Pinterest board - what do you see - lots of the same colour?  A rainbow?  Neutrals, brights, bolds, patterns?  It's a fun way to see the essence of what you've been digitally collecting.  You might also get a whole new idea for a color combo for your next craft project, furniture redo or room paint!
Try it!
Farewell for now, and happy dressing!

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