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Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and Healthy

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
Bread and meat , ohhh and cheese and some sea salt and herbs aplenty.What more can a man ask for?Or a woman, for that matter.Well this woman fears the butter. Because it slides down her throat and settles coyly on her hips...where it is so not welcome anymore.So she avoids it all together.She just takes a bite...every little while.
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyOk , enough of that silly third person nonsense. I remember my French professor tell us about this actor who spoke of himself in third person. Alain Delon.Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyHe is quite a dish. He'd be forgiven murder..if I were the Jury...Unfortunately, I am not.And I must refrain from following in his footsteps.But , back to the butter ,or not.So this is Pide.(Pee-dah) that I found on Pinterest. And then on an Aussie food show.So I had to try it out.Boat pizza. The original bread is looooong and just folded on the sides. But as my oven will not accommodate that , so I found a version that shapes like this. I also didn't use butter. And as the boys weren't in a mood for eggs sunny side up, we made Omelets.
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyYou can make them with any bread dough, but this one is super healthy.
For the 
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyYou need
1 cup All purpose flour or maida1 and 1/2 cups whole wheat flour or atta2 tsp instant dry yeast1 tbsp sugar1 tsp salt1 and 1/4- 1/2 cup warm waterOil to grease the bowl
FillingGrated mozzarella and cheddar cheeseOregano, red chilli flakes and sea salt to tasteSliced tomatoes1 cup prepared lamb mince or soya nuggets mince3 -4 eggs
Mix the flours sugar and salt and add the yeast on the side of the sugar. Knead the dough ,stretching and scraping back the dough. I love doing the slap and bang techniques.Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and Healthy
Just incase you were interested, my daily help was playing truant... so thus the anger and force.You can do this or use a stand mixer. But its therapeutic. Mind you.Grease the bowl and let the beaten dough rest an hour or two. Once the dough has doubled, degas by punching it down . Cut into 4 pieces and cover three.
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyRoll out one into a circle 1/4 inch thin and begin rolling the sides.Roll half and come towards the center. Do the same to the other half. Lift and place on cookie sheet or baking tray lined with parchment paper.Now pinch and twist the edges together. Open out the center to make the boat.Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyRepeat with the other three balls of dough.Now brush butter if you will...I brushed 1 beaten egg all over.
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and Healthy
Evenly spreading the mince. We kept one without mince. The mince will stay in. 
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthySprinkle the cheese mix and make a small well in the middle of the filling for the egg.
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyLay the sliced tomatoes over and sprinkle the herbs and salt. Preheat your oven to 230C. In about 15 minutes, your pide will be ready... just by the time your oven preheats.If you like your eggs well done..this is the time to crack the eggs in the center. We beat the eggs up.. so the center was all set like a frittata.If you like eggs runny, bake the pide and take them.out after 5 minutes, place the egg into the pide and place into the oven.Slide the pide tray and reduce the oven temperature to 200C.The idea being that you can dip the edges into the runny yolk.Mumbai is not cold enough for runny yolks.
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthySo in for 9-10 minutes and the top broiled just for one minute.
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyWe used primarily we don't have the gooeyness of stringy mozzarella.You must.You can skip the mince, but the cheese and yolks are a must to make a pide.We sliced them at a slant...Just like that.
Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and HealthyThe leftovers made yummy breakfast the next day. I read references to this in some old book I had read a long time ago. Mad when the Turk Aussie chef brought his version on tv... I read some more. This is an extract from an article that appeared in the telegraph,UK.
The history of pide is muddled. Some say that the Ottomans ate a pide-like bread called tokalak, while others claim that the dish was invented in the Twenties as a way of eking out ingredients in war-torn Turkey. Most agree that pide originated in the Samsun area, possibly in the town of Bafra, and that it can be as simple as a sesame seed-sprinkled flat bread.For the traditional Samsun pide, known as kiymali, a filling of lamb, onion and black pepper is enclosed in the dough to make a long, French-stick shape. More modern – as in a mere 70-odd years old (Turkey has a long history) – is the open, pizza-like pide, where the edges of the dough are folded in to make a boat-shaped tart. Toppings can include cheese, vegetables or, most commonly, meat – more lamb, sujuk or the local pastrami. Often an egg is broken on top for the last few minutes of baking, so that slices can be dunked in the soft yolk.

Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and Healthy

Image Telegraph UK

This is what they made. Pretty darn close...
So try out something new tonight.Make a Pide. And pronounce it Pee-dah.
So what are you baking today???

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