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By Rubytuesday
I went back to my meetings todayI attended the lunch time AA in my areaI got such a lovely welcome back from everyone I was so touched by all the hugs and kind words that I received I actually opened the meeting todaySo that was good for my confidenceThe meeting itself was greatIt's always good to listen to other recovering addictsI always come awayFeeling a little bit more peaceful A little bit stronger I shared tooAbout my hospital admissionAnd especially around the painkillersI have to admit I am missing the TramadolI miss that sleepy feeling The warm waves that rush  through your body But I know I know what's in store for me if I continue down that roadPrescription or no prescriptionIf I am using said drugs to get a buzzIn a mood and mind altering wayThen in my bookThat is using That is being in active addictionI know I'll get over this I just need to hold steady Stay strong Attend my meetings Keep in touch with friends And generally keep my side of the street clean Even since Christmas I can feel a change in myself My mindset My confidence And self esteem I feel more sure of myself More in control of my own lifeAnd that my friends Is huge!
In other news I going back to horse riding tomorrow I can hardly wait!I've haven't been riding in about ten days now And I have missed it so very much!Tomorrow I am getting a life with FintanWho is in my riding groupWe both go the same waySo it's just as handy for us to travel together 
I've been wondering about weighing myself I'm wondering should I buy a new scales Or continue weighing in my doctors like I have been doing I do want to know my weight But I think once a week is more than enough to weighSo I was wondering what you thoughtDo you weigh?Or maybe you don't weigh at all?How often do you weigh?Do you think it matters?Inquiring minds want to know...

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