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Tsokar Lake

By Jaisonvincent @globlvisiontour
Tsokar Lake Elevated at an outstanding height of about 15280ft, the Tsokar Lake is one of the most popular
lakes of the Ladakh Valley. It is one of the three soaring altitude salt water lakes in the valley of Ladakh. Also known as the White Lake, the Tsokar Lake is very well renowned for its awesome picturesque and the extensive diversity of wildlife it supports. The Tsokar Lake forms a significant part of the northern landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. The Tsokar Lake is famed as the White Lake due to the enormous quantity of salt stored around it.

Tourism Importance 

The Tso Kar Lake is one of the most crucial lakes of the Ladakh Valley as it offers an amazing platform for the sustenance of wildlife. The lake showcases several kinds of creatures such as the Tibetan asses, Tibetan foxes and Tibetan Wolves.

 A large number of Tibetan asses are found roaming around the lake. The locals know the best of making use of the yaks and horses. Luckily, snow leopards, one of the world’s most dangerous predators are also spotted. If one wants to have a look at the mammals, then the Tso Kar Lake is an ideal one. 

Besides, supporting a huge quantity of wild animals, the place also proves to be a heaven for birds. An array of birds are found near the lake, thereby incrementing the charismatic view of the lake. The Lake is also breeding grounds of birds like strip geese. Brown headed gulls and Black necked cranes also abandon the lake. 

It is not mandatory that all birds fly high up in the air. There are, in fact, some birds that fly close to the land and in this process, manage to take a dip in the lake. This is truly a sight to behold. On the other hand, the ones those fly high up in the sky reckon to generate their reflections in the crystal clear waters of the lake. These sights are truly divine. 

Thus, the Tso Kar Lake is a paradise for the wildlife lovers. Wildlife photography would take a flawless shape here. The lake is one of the favourites of the photographers, authors and writers. Besides, if one wants to spend some time in the vicinity of nature, then the Tsokar Lake would be the perfect one.


There’s a saying that the at times, night beauty is more appealing than day beauty. Putting the saying in effect on the Tso Kar Lake, one can emphasize the fact that the Tso Kar Lake provides a stunning view at night, rather than day. Spreading beyond imagination, the Tso Kar Lake shines flawlessly in the silvery glow of the beautiful moon. Residing in the lap of the surrounding mountains, the lake seeks inspiration from the never-ending ocean of mountains. 

One can expect to see such a sight only in a fairyland, thereby taking you into a totally different world. If one wants to view such a splendid site, then a visit to the Tso Kar Lake is a must. Coming out of the moonlight and rising advanced with the sun, the Tso Kar Lake presents an intensified view of sunrise and sunsets. The lake is quite popular among the locals as a sunset point and is often flooded with love birds. 

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this hidden gen of the Kashmir Valley is between the months of July to September as the beauty of the lake is at its zenith of glory and the lake is well abounded with vibrant birds during this phase. 

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