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Trying to Cure My Slice

By Peter Mitchell @beezerphd
After self diagnosing myself with one hell of a horrible slice I decided to research online as to what could be the cause and was fortunate to stumble across a few fantastic video tutorials and guides about correcting your slice.
Some were saying to just aim more to the left, but I didn't want to go through life always having to aim about 40/45 degrees left of target just to compensate for my slice. I wanted to actually have the ability to aim at the target that I want the ball to travel to and hit it there.
After filming my swing in the garage from behind, I realised that almost everything that could be wrong with it, was. My arms were all over the place meaning that my swing plane was all off. My weight distribution was all wrong and my head moved a lot more than it should be.
So I went back to the start and began reading about the very basics of golf, as it should be explained to someone who has never ever held a golf club, let alone swung one. It turned out that my grip was extremely strong and baseball style. Now whether this had any play in my slice, I'm not sure. I felt it would be better to start from scratch again and begin with a clean slate. Effectively forgetting everything that I had picked up from when I was younger.
I changed my grip to a neutral interlocked, which felt extremely uncomfortable to begin with, but after a while I actually felt like my hands were naturally going into the position needed. I felt I had a bit more control over the club when swinging, but my progress on the range wasn't showing any dramatic improvement and my slice was still haunting me.
Obviously I still had everything else to correct, but at least I had taken a step towards getting my shots going where I wanted them.
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