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Busy, Busy, Busy

By Peter Mitchell @beezerphd
Incase you're wondering where I've disappeared to, or why I haven't be posting on here. It's because I haven't been playing golf.
I have just moved into a new flat through in the city of Aberdeen in Scotland to be closer to my work, meaning that I just haven't found the time or money to be able to get to the course/range or even a park that I can hit some balls in.
Depressing I know, but hopefully in the coming weeks I'll be getting my hands on an Aberdeen City golf pass which allows me access to a selection of courses ran by the council in Aberdeen, such as Hazelhead, Balnagask and Kings Links. I really can't wait to get out and get practicing again as I know that taking this much time off is just going to be a step backwards in my progress, but hopefully just a small step and not a huge one.
Bare with me folks and I'll be up and running as soon as possible.

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