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First Round of Golf in 2014

By Peter Mitchell @beezerphd
Finally managed to get out for the first round of 2014. Actually my first round for a good 5 months almost. Was a short 9 hole course, over at Balnagask Golf course in Aberdeen, that I played after my work, where every hole is a par 3. 
Unfortunately it meant I couldn't hit anything longer than a 9 iron and was still overshooting the green. Probably could have coped playing with a pitching wedge, but was just nice to actually be playing again. 

Beautiful views across the city from the top of the first couple of holes. Well worth it just for that. 

First round of golf in 2014

Wasn't as rusty as I thought I would be surprisingly, with most holes hitting par or just over due to not taking my time and rushing around the course, since I had plans for later in the evening. It's not a challenging course by any means, with no bunkers and only some slight patches of rough, dotted around the place.

There were no real markings for tee boxes and I actually ended up missing a hole out, simply because I didn't know where I was meant to be going. 

Not that I'm complaining as I was only really there to stretch my legs around the course and give my clubs a dusting off. 

Will be returning soon to play the 18 hole, since the course is just a ten minute walk from my work office.

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