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Trust Your Instincts.

By Jenrene

I just wanted to say that oftentimes we don’t recognize the truth that exists in our souls. If we did, we might listen to it more often. Taking the time to be still with your soul might inform you loads of stuff about yourself, but… are you ready to hear what might be revealed? Some, are not.

I started this post a long time ago, not sure what I’d write, but … I guess my soul caught up with me.

I was sitting in a group of women tonight, in Celebrate Recovery and I just listened to people in the groups smile and talk about how freeing it was to share their soul opeenly with others, and to not hold onto stuff and sit in depression or be full of anxiety or fear and feel alone and destitute.

As we shared , I just commented to the women about victorious it feels to be in the “other side of my self” — if that makes any sense. To be able to trust my thoughts, inclinations and intuition. But then, I realized at what cost it came.


Taken by JenRene, Daytona Beach

TRUSTING MYSELF came by just releasing over and over again, being vulnerable, and taking risks with my emotions, and keeping it real. Not putting up a front ; and yet I be dying inside.

I had a friend recently write a poem about her life and her past and boldy share it with me. I thought wow , really? She shared that with me? It was so intimate, and so personal. And yet she shared with me. ( And asked for a response). That was something I didnt expect. Yet for her to know tht,at about me, that I was a responder, an influencer, a shaper, a contemplater; really blessed my soul. It felt great to know that someone honored my thoughts in this way.

Even more, it honored me to know she cared to ask for my insight and response. (The more I write this blog post the more I realize I really didnt write this for you. I think I really wrote it for me.)

To inform you to go ahead and trust your inclinations, even when they seem sort of absurd odd, or unbelievable. Your addition to the world may just shake a nation, birth a soul, release a “being” in being more free. Even when you could manage to talk yourself out of it…just do it anyway.

Especially if it could help someone else:


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