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Puerto Rico & the US Administration's Sham

Posted on the 29 September 2017 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
"If you're in trouble, or hurt or need…go to the poor people. They're the only ones that'll help…The only ones"  ~~~ John Steinbeck
When an American Commonwealth, an Island of 3.5 Million American Citizens incurs a massive catastrophic disaster, the most logical, most humanitarian, and most responsible thing for the Federal Government to do, is to start sending massive amounts of Aid, Fast! Really Fast!!! Specifically Food, Water, and Medical Supplies!'s the US Government's Moral and Legal Obligation!!
Tragedy struck the Island of Puerto Rico with a vengeance! Hurricane Maria's Eye of 155mph Winds ripped its' way through the Island, causing the biggest disaster in Puerto Rico's history.In Humanitarian efforts and in Total Cost, It may very well be the biggest and costliest disaster ever, In US History!...and the US Virgin Islands, is suffering a similar fate!!
Trump's initial response to his concern for their lives? Puerto Rico's in "Deep Trouble" with a "Broken Infrastructure" that sucks and they're massively in "debt"?!?! Again for Trump, is all about Money!!
NO ASSHOLE!! Puerto Rico's infrastructure may be "broken" cause, absolutely No One in Washington gives a Sh*t what happens in Puerto Rico!...never has and never will! Allocating the proper funding and a proper budget for the repairs of an antiquated infrastructure, or for whatever else they need, must come from the House of Representatives and the US Senate!!
Yes! It's been a major problem for years…among other things…while no one in DC ever gave a damn! Being a US "Commonwealth"…it's America's responsibility and obligation to work and help Puerto Rico, the same as in Houston and the State of Texas, the same as in the Keys, and all of Florida! 
There's absolutely no difference between Puerto Ricans and any other Americans. They speak Spanish?…so what? Just like every other Hispanic American!!In 1941, under Section 302 of the Immigration & Naturalization Act, People born in Puerto Rico were given the natural Birthright of American Citizens, the same as people born in the 50 States and DC.  It also grandfathered American Citizenship to those Puerto Ricans born on April 11th, 1899 - Jan. 13th, 1941
The big problem? These American Citizens are without a Representative Vote in Congress!...that's why Puerto Rico always ends up getting diddly squat! A Puerto Rican "non-voting" Representative at Large is all they have!
Every single year at the start of a new Congress, a Puerto Rican Delegation made up of 2 US Senators and 5 Representatives…the allocation for the size of the Commonwealth….are voted by the people of Puerto Rico and sent to Washington to present their credentials, and be accepted as Voting Members.Every single year, the US Congress turns them down!  Wow! Incredible!! American Citizens without the "Rights" of American Citizens!
And the United States considers themselves the Greatest Country in the World? Not in the Eyes of 3.5 Million people! The tragedy of this Puerto Rican disaster marks another period of Shame in US History, like the ignorance of the Salem Witch Burnings, and the "Genocide" of Native Americans by Trump's Hero, Andrew Jackson. And how can anyone not remember the Shame of our Government during New Orleans' Katrina tragedy?The US Administration's "Sham" of this Catastrophic Hurricane has become Internationally, another big fat shameful episode in US History 101
One whole week after Maria:No Food! no Drinking Water! No Medicine! including a badly urgent need for Insulin and Medical Supplies, and no Chemo for Cancer victims! Electricity? None for the next 4-6 months!! Only 11 of 69 Hospitals are still operating with Power Generators…and the lack of Gasoline will take down most of those hospitals within another week! 
The Population? No Generators left and very little Gasoline left in the Island!Living in a sweltering heat, with toxically infested flooded Lakes, Rivers, and Streams…and a major Dam ready to burst! The same waters so many have to walk across holding onto a Line from one end to another, just to survive!...if Deadly Infections doesn't get them first!All of that, plus the thousands and thousands who've lost entire homes, and all their lives' belongings…those totally Homeless, and with very few Shelters left to go into! The scene in Puerto Rico, literally, looks extremely Dangerous, Somber, and Macabre.  
The smell of Death is in the Air! What will happen next? It's the beginning of the slow painful death of Puerto Ricans; the Sick, the Elderly, the Handicapped. As Supplies run out and Hospitals stop functioning, the morbid sound of "Death Rattles" will be everywhere, and nothing is going to stop it!
Puerto Rico needs help now! Not next week! They need help, right Now!!!And what's the American Government's response?  For a whole week following the Storm, Donald Trump hasn't done jack-sh*t to even speak out or respond!…it took a week, and great Journalism Reporting to make the US Govt. finally respond…and then, a pretty piss poor 1st Response at that.
An entire week of Life and Death!! while our Illegitimate Bastard President kept his Racist bating agenda wide open by first picking on Black ESPN Host Jemele Hill, cause she had the gall to criticize Him! Then, at Colin Kaepernick, cause he exercised his 1st Amendment Rights of Expression, and Steph Curry, for refusing to meet and kiss his fat ass at the White House. All three happened to be Black…the perfect subjects to arouse people in "The Heart of Dixie", Alabama!How much does Donald Trump care about Hispanics? This "Son of a Bitch" lifted the 1920 Jones Act…also known as the Merchant Marines Act…that allows all shipping, American or otherwise to bring in supplies to Texas and to Florida, but still, using all his horsesh*t lies, refused to lift the Act for Puerto Rico!!!
After lying his derriere off again, saying the shipping industry didn't want to go Puerto Rico…The reality of life and massive criticism, made the Trumpster take a 2nd look at his "Ratings" and lifted the Jones Act. Naturally, he took all the credit!  
It's the Filth of an Indecent and shameful human being….a total Coward who walks and talks tough,  and pretends to be a Man, while at the end of the day…he's still the same fat ass spineless Coward!But, the one thing this Orange Mop has done very well while Dividing America, is Uniting every sector of the "Majority" of Americans in this Country, the Majority that never Voted for him…and then some!
The American Resistance have come to the forefront of Racial Injustice and Equality. What all these Storms have done is Unite Communities beyond Racial Bigotries for the 1st time in our lifetime! The Citizen Heroes and all their boats, saving everyone possible in Houston, and the Citizen Heroes in Florida! All, working together despite their Political and Social leanings. It's the Heart of Americans helping Americans, and helping all fellow Human Beings…this is what once made America Great, and what Donald Trump wants to destroy by dividing! 
Now, with Puerto Rico in dire straits, Americans have banded together once again. Money Donations running in the $Millions$ from around the Country, Fundraisers for the Victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico…yes! One Country "INDIVISIBLE"!No one, not even the Trump Fascist Government, can Divide Americans against one another when it comes to Helping each other in times of True Crisis!! 
In Puerto Rico, Americans helping Americans have gone a long way: Cuban American Rapper "Pitbull" sent his own private Jet to Evacuate all the Cancer Patients off the Island, and take them to Hospitals in the States so they can continue their Chemotherapy!  In Texas, Mark Cuban lend his private plane to one of his Maverick Players J.J. Barea so he could fly life-saving supplies down to the Island.The biggest help came from Hillary Clinton! suggesting the Hospital Ship "USNS Comfort" be sent to the Rescue…something the unprofessional Trump Administration and State Dept. didn't even have a clue about. The ship is now on its way, while Trump? Again, took the Credit!
And now, this degenerate SOB is "Price Gauging" the victims of this disaster…making people who are Stranded,  Homeless, and in many cases, with only the clothes on their backs…pay "Full Price" for Airfare, if they want to Evacuate.And then, this real piece of human excrement has the f*cking gall of making these Citizens pay back the cost for being Rescued!!!…Is Texas Paying Back?? Is Florida Paying Back?? Puerto Ricans are being Extorted by having their US Passports seized until they pay the Government back!!And then, you wonder why oppression usually leads to violent Revolutions?  
The true character of America comes out loud and clear in a time of Crisis & Tragedy! All, to the bitter jealousy of an Indecent Human Being who's a flaming Bigot and a Racist! A true National Hypocrite who praises "The Flag" & "Patriotism" while Dodging the Draft X5!!…a true spineless Coward and a certified Phony!
Trump's sound-byte on Puerto Rico? "A Good News Story"!Puerto Rico's sound-bytes? San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz; I am begging! Save us from Dying! "Damn it! This is not a 'Good News Story'… we're all Dying"! When you're drinking water from a Toxic Creek, that's not a Good News Story! When you have to pull people down from buildings, I'm sorry, that really upsets me and frustrates me! We are treated not as Second Class Citizens, we're treated as Animals"!! The World is watching as this "Story" becomes a Genocide"!!

To all my dear "Boricua" Friends! Godspeed, You are all in our Prayers!…Hispanic America has your back, even if Our own President doesn't!

Que Dios los Bendiga a Todos en Puerto Rico! Somos Cubanos, Mexicanos, Dominicanos, Sur Americanos, Pan Americanos, y la Communidad Hispana Mundial…todos, estamos unido en esta causa justa! Adelante!!
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