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Trump & the GOP...Descending into Fascism

Posted on the 28 November 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
The GOP's expected, and not too surprising descent to the pits of hell and their embrace of Fascism...cause? When they oppose every single solitary issue in which all of them are supported by the vast majority of the American Population...and you're Bread & Butter issue, Business and the Economy appears dead on arrival at Convention time; thanks to Forbes' "Best Economic President in Modern Times" Barack Obama!
And with absolutely no policies, no substance in any of their arguments, and a continually embarrassing Clown Show...the only audience left are the easily exploitable Bigots and Racists, the Evils of Fear, and all the Hatemongers in American Society!
Enter Fascism!...the GOP and FoxNews been busy at work, using all of Joe Goebbels' Propaganda ever since Obama became a thorn in Dumbo's ass!
When The Donald called for IDs on all Islamic and Islamic Americans and when suggestions on "Internment Camps" began to surface...where was the outcry from the Republican Party and Christian America?
When The Donald proposed a border to keep out Latinos from
entering, or when he declared that as President he would round them up
and kick millions of Hispanics out of the Land of the Free...where was
the outcry from Republicans and Christian America?
When Chris Christie and Trump suggested a National Database of all Muslim
Americans...where was the outcry from the Republican Party and Christian
When a 1000+ people have been shot, and close to 200 of
those incidents, being unarmed... where para-military Police Violence is
becoming a daily norm...Where is the outcry by the Republican Party and
Christan America?
When this case, anyone!...begins to spew outright Lies, Hatred, Fear, and Racism to an already exploited ignorant audience...and where they can obtain enough Fanatics that would form their own Paramilitary in support of "the cause"...where is that
outcry from the Republicans and their devout Christian base?
Just think: "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a Flag
and carrying a Cross"...Sinclair Lewis wasn't wrong! all!
And with a so called "Patriotic Red, White, and Blue" Political Party that for all sense and purpose has totally embraced the Extreme Right and National Socialist Fascism, along with their base of Sociophobic Evangelical Christians living in the caves of their minds...and the backing of the Plutocratic Industrialists.
Aahyup! all they need is a narcissistic politically incompetent amateur with a sordid imagination and visions of life, whose only gift is his ability to communicate to a
fanatical crowd, and make them go forth and appease this Fuhrer's soul.
In Boston, 2 men assaulted and literally beat the crap out of a Hispanic Homeless man with a metal pipe, then urinated on top of him. Why? As they told the Police after getting arrested: "It was OK to assault the man because he was Hispanic and homeless!...Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.” Does it matter that this homeless man was an American Citizen down on his luck? No! he's Hispanic! hate and sheer ignorance doesn't teach you that! The sick hateful mentality of ignorance finding their true leader!...Sieg Heil, Mr. Trump!
It wasn't much of a coincidence that a fully armed civilian militia stood around during the Planned Parenthood crisis...just itching to play, and waiting only for a reason to use their weapons and shoot someone! Oh! that love for Violence and Guns in America!'s simply, irresistible!
Bernie Sanders calls the latest Planned Parenthood shootings a consequence of Republican
Political Rhetoric...if you hate Blacks, if you hate Hispanics, if you hate Women, especially if you hate Gays! the Grand Old Party is the Party for you! And don't stop there!...if you hate all Religions that don't agree with your own interpretations, hate them with a's the Republican way! And, if you are just simply an Xenophobe? You're not alone, the Republicans are the Party of Hate and Fear...all Racists are proudly welcomed! Vulgar and Disgusting Rhetoric is their recruitment for Hatemongers!
Living in perpetual self-denial that America overwhelmingly supports all their
policies...even if they don't exist...promoting lies, hate and fear. It's all they got left...they don't have a single intelligent answer to any of the ills in this country. And even less, the ills of the world...when at times like this, a little competence running a Nation should be he only criteria for electing...the "Leader of the Free World"!
To all Tea Drinking and Anti-Tea Drinking Conservative aficionados: You can re-write Bibles, History Books, whatever events in your own minds...but it won't sell! Want to take an issue and reverse the accusations? It only works with have to be really
stupid to watch live on TV what's happening, and say that didn't happen, when millions in this country and millions around the world say you're full of shit!
When turning the tragedy of kids being shot to the tragedy of Cops being ask, why are they getting shot? Maybe, probably because people will only take so much violence and injustice!...but, that's there job...and the hazards that go with it. They suppose to be there to Protect & Serve"! It's tragic, but that's their's even more tragic when a kid gets shot!'s definitely not their job!
We need Guns and we need to defend ourselves from Terrorists!?!?
Fact: In the last 10 years, 280,024 People were killed by Guns!...and 24 by Terrorists! You got a better chance surviving Terrorism than Gun and Police Violence in the United States! But how about surviving President Trump, his Minions, and his true love for Fascism?
Donald Trump's alarming skid toward outright fascism

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