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Trump Supporter Assaulted on Berkeley Street Today

Posted on the 03 February 2017 by Calvinthedog


The link says Trump supporter attacked at UC Berkeley today, but that’s crap. First of all, that event did not occur at “UC Berkeley.” It occurred on a street somewhere in Berkeley. I am not sure where, but that’s not on campus. The campus does not have city-style roads running through it. It does not have rows of shops on a street with a sidewalk crowded with pedestrians. It does not have city buses running on streets inside campus. I am not sure where it took place, but it was not on campus.

A black buy, a hippie guy and a Trumpster get into it at the start of the video. It looks like the Black guy clocks the Trumpster with a punch in the face. A wild fight is on very fast and they both stumble towards the road. The Black guy breaks away. The Black guy’s friend is a hippie guy. The hippie throws some red object at the Trumpster. But it does not look dangerous. It just looks like a garment. Then the Trumpster and the hippie are locked in wild combat. People try to pull them apart. The Trumpster recovers his glasses that fell on the ground. The hippie and the Black guy drive away, but they are stopped very quickly by police. Those are city police too, not campus police.

The incident may have occurred right next to campus, but no one knows that. The hippie and the Black guy obviously are not UC students. The Trumpster may well be as he is very well-dressed.

Things are hotting up awful fast in these blighted United States.

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