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Trump: "Making Money from Campaign Funds"

Posted on the 21 June 2016 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
“It’s very possible that I could be the first Presidential Candidate to run and make money on it” ~~~ Donald Trump  in 2000 Forbes Interview
No, Donald Trump wasn't kidding!...he knew 16 years ago how to pull off his greatest con, ever!...and with the GOP Convention less than a month away...the Trumpster has a knack for adding more fuel to a fire that's going to engulf Quicken Loans Arena and destroy the last vestiges of what once was a proud Grand Old Party.
The signs of a full mutiny by a dissatisfied Republican Party is in the works, 48% of the GOP wants to Dump Trump, and every day new issues arrive that makes their case for a Delegate coup d'é·tat...a much more plausible moral obligation.
How to personally profit from a political campaign you know it doesn't have much of a chance?...put on the worst possible campaign that's not gonna have a chinaman's chance of ever winning, collect big bundles of cash from your donors...then, take the money and run out of Dodge City with all the loot! Don the Con must be a big fan of "The Producers"...though the trouble was, it became a hit!
In Trump's case, his management style of the Money appropriated to him by the RNC...and by to invest those funds right back into his own personal businesses. First, his Charity Fundraiser for Veterans was a complete total faux exercise...then an embarrassing acknowledgement of his horseshit lies...about raising those $6 Million Dollars for the Vets made the Trumspter reluctantly in public, write a Check reimbursing the GIs for the money, the $6 Million that either never existed, or he spent it on one of his businesses.
Now, the poor little rich boy is running out of Campaign Funds, and needs an advance from the GOP...$1.3 Million is all he has left! Compared to Clinton who raised $27 Million in May with a War Chest of at least $42 Million before the DNC Convention even takes place! But his businesses are doing much better, thank you very much!!
$350,000 for Tag Air, Trump's Jet Planes and Helicopters. $423,372 for the use of Mar-A-Lago...his Palm Beach State that's converted into as a Private Club. Trump Restaurant $125,080 for Rent and Utilities...he has the GOP literally paying for all his own Restaurant's expenses!
More expenses for Republicans from "Crooked" Donald...Trump Towers charged $72,000 for rent and utilities for the use of Trump's Campaign Headquarters, and $35,845 Catering Republicans at Trump's Golf Course and $29,715 for rentals and catering at another Trump Golf Course. A little conflict of interest between Trump's shenanigans, his own businesses and the monetary rip-off of the Republican Party?!?!
What kind of a degenerate is willing to make money out of the very same people who are donating to help him and his cause, to move on? And this piece of work says he doesn't need the GOP to help him out and get elected?...and that he can do it all by his genius self? Not if the Republican mainstream can help it! The Ides of March are conspiring...who will deliver Brutus' slap in the back? with the're fired!!
Trump has publicly stated that it's very possible to make good money from his supporters, as he runs for the Presidency...and "Makes America Great Again". Yes! there 'is' a nice big reason why Donald Trump loves poorly educated and uneducated People!
Donald Trump's Campaign Paid Trump Companies More Than $1 Million In May

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