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True Life: I Am OCD

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

organized closet space
I am going to let you all in on a little secret about me. When it comes to cleanliness and organization, I am completely & utterly obsessive compulsive. As you can see from my closet above (post clean out), I am a sucker for order. I make my bed every single morning, wash my whole room once a week, organize my clothes by color, store my shoes in shoe boxes with photos attached… I even fold and organize my dogs wardrobe as well. The list of my OCD tendencies could really go on and on, but I’d rather not portray myself as a complete and total psycho.

I usually am great about cleaning out my closet, but lately I have been putting of this project. With the combination of the lingering fear of giveaway regret and the effort I knew would be needed for this, procrastination ensued… for months. Finally this past weekend I sucked up and dedicated all day Sunday to getting this done. I feel so much better having that off my to-do list, and my closet now looks fab.

If cleaning out your closet is in the future, here are some handy tips to make the job less painful. 

how to clean out your closet

+ Forewarning: this is a full day project so make sure you set aside a proper amount of time.
+ First step is to start emptying your closet onto your bed in sections.
+ This would be a good time to open up Spotify and start playing some tunes, it will help ease the stress.

how to clean out your closet

+ Once you started the unloading process, it is time to make some decisions. Wear a dress or a robe so that it is easy to try things on (you will be doing a lot of this).

how to clean out your closet

+ Create three piles: Undecided (the things you probably need to get a second opinion on), thrift store (stuff that the thrift store might actually buy off you), and trash (single socks & other shit you should just toss).

how to clean out your closet

+ Bag up your goodies and take them to their new respective homes. They didn’t even take one full bag worth of stuff (making me realize my choice was a good one), and I still made a nice little chunk of cash. Not to shabby.

True Life: I am OCD

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