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Tron: Uprising - Episode 09 "Scars, Part 1" Review

Posted on the 31 October 2012 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

After taking a looong break Tron Uprising returned. And with the 9th episode airing last Friday, which was titled " Scars, Part 1" it came back to being awesome. It was totally amazing, as always. Focusing on a different kind of a story with a different approach, managed to bring back some memories from previous Tron movies by including Kevin Flynn and Clu.

This time the story took us back to history. Where Tron worked with his good buddy Dyson, who in the end turned out to be his arch enemy. Dyson comes to town, and Tron seeks this to be an opportunity to take him down and get revenge. Having no idea about this, The Renegade tracks Dyson down and even attempts to capture him. But then he figures out what it is all about and decides to disobey Tron. Well, he shouldn't have done that, because it doesn't end well for him.
I was surprised to see the appearance of Clu and Kevin Flynn in this episode.  It was amazing and delightful. Tron's character story was enlightened with this new history-detailed episode and I must say that I didn't even notice the absence of Jeff Bridges' voice.
You might not know that I'm a huge fan of the entire Tron franchise and I've never been this much obsessed with Tron before. Not even with any of its' movies. Tron: Uprising is by far the best and the most entertaining animated series I've ever seen. And yes that beats, Batman: The animated series and ThunderCats as well.
Anybody else excited to see this week's episode?

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