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Trees and Mountains Folder Numbers Game

By Ladyexpat

Trees and Mountains Folder Numbers Game

Trees and Mountains Number Game

Here is another folder game I created. I took a cheap folder and cut the inside pockets off.  Then I printed numbers 1-50 and pasted them on the folder. Simply print my template, cut it, and paste it inside a folder.  This is a cheap, easy, portable, and fun game.  My son loves this game too!  To download this game, click here.
To play: 
1. Select a place holder.  We usually use a plastic animal but you could use anything, including a cap off a water bottle.
2. Roll the dice and move that many spaces.
3. When you land on a number, say what it is.  Practice counting spaces and saying numbers up to 50.  If your child doesn’t know the number, say it and have them repeat what you say. 
4. There are 4 tree spaces and 4 mountain spaces to add.  You can put these anywhere you’d like.  When the player lands on a number with a mountain below it, the player slides down to the number below.  When the player lands on a number with a tree over it, the player climbs the tree to the number above the tree.
5. The first person to reach the finish line wins.
*If you have an older child playing, you could have them practice saying the numbers in another language such as German, French, or Spanish.**When assembling the game, it's faster to keep the numbers in a row when pasting, rather than cut each number out individually. 
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