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Treasure Chest Finds

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
treasure chest findstreasure chest findstreasure chest finds(( thrifted sweater, flare leg denim, suede mary-janes, flxx gunmetal handpiece & stretch bracelets, cat eye sunnies ))
Like majority of fashion minded ladies, I have a wardrobe jam packed with just about everything you can imagine. From my rare vintage Chanel riding boots from the 70's, to thrift store purses that look they came straight from the streets of Mexico, I literally have it all. The funny thing, which many of you may be able to relate to, is that my favorite pieces are usually the things I paid the least amount of money for. Sure I love my designer digs, yet the excitement I feel when I find something fabulous in a thrift store for $5, is way better than any label! Some people are weary of thrift store shopping, yet in my opinion thrift stores are more like treasure chests. Thrifting is the best because, in majority of cases, the people pricing the clothes do not realize that the Acne shoulder cutout dress they just got in is worth way more than $7- which is when I come in and swoop it up quicker than they can hang it (yes that is a true story)! Anyways, this sweater in this picture was another of those fabulous situations in which I scored big. Visiting my sister in Portland, I strolled into a local hole in the wall thrift store, and this little beauty landed in my hands. It has now become one of my most favorite pieces in my ever growing wardrobe. The end. treasure chest finds

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