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Travelator Transporting Golfers

By Mixtapekid45

Travelator Transporting Golfers
Your probably asking what a travelator is, you have probably seen them at least once in your life. They are those moving walkways that are often seen in the airport. So, if you did not know what they were called which i myself did not know now you know.

The reason i am talking about them is recently a golf course in Germany. Actually put one on the green between the first two holes which is pretty cool to say the least. It costs 175000.0 EUR or 282,275 U.S. dollars. But, it seems its well worth the money the course is very hilly to be exact.
The walk between the first and second holes was very steep even tiring out younger members of the course. The 500ft travelator does away with the need for members to hire a golf cart.
What also is pretty cool as well is the fact that the track is waterproof which it allows it to be used in the winter months. Also it stays stationary while no one is one it. It helps members enjoy the woodlands of northwest Germany.  

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By golf trolley
posted on 02 August at 07:19
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Wow, these electric golf trolleys are useful . I think I need to buy one.

By golf cart
posted on 02 August at 07:16
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The electric golf carts are increasing found on the golf course, both for golfers and grounds keeping staff, and in many commercial and industrial operations where the need for a convenient and quiet vehicle is required. Now, the cart is also widely used in the campus or large farm.