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High School Track Coach Fired For Letting His Players Run Shirtless

By Mixtapekid45

High School Track Coach Fired For Letting His Players Run Shirtless

This may be the dumbest thing i may have ever heard. A Massachusetts high school track coach was fired on Wednesday for letting his male players run shirtless in practice. School officials in Westwood,Mass had been stern that the teenage players had to wear uniforms in practice as the summer approaches.

Coach Tom Davis had said that that shirts were mandatory, but some took off their sleeveless uniforms anyways at the end of practice while covered in sweat. This apparenlty was to much for the assistant principal who fired Davis on the spot. Davis was than quoted saying

“I’m obviously in disbelief. I’ve never witnessed anything this ridiculous,” Davis told the Westwood Press in the town 25 miles southwest of Boston.

This is pathetic if you ask me. Like really, it is socially acceptable for male’s to take off their shirts when they get hot especially if they are doing strenuous exericse outside when it is hot. Give me a break - I mean maybe reprimand the coach instead of firing  him.

Wait even that sounds stupid enough. In reality it is also the players faults to they did deify the coach thus, defying the principle so, it is really just more than the coach’s fault. But, just the matter of what is at hand there should be no discussion at all.

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