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Cleveland Blogger Compares Lebron James To Osama Bin Laden

By Mixtapekid45
This may have been the most ludicrous piece of journalism ever published if you ask me. A blogger from Cleveland is comparing Lebron James to Osama Bin Laden .After he read a new york times obituray published yesterday on Osama Bin Laden he felt like it was a appropriate comparison. These were the words from the obituary on which he compared them to.Osama — the name means “young lion.” “He summoned reporters to a cave in Afghanistan when he needed to get his message out, but like the most controlling of C.E.O.’s he insisted on receiving written questions in advance.” “The world’s most threatening terrorist, he was also known to submit to frequent dressings down by his mother.” “He created training camps for his foot soldiers, a media office to spread his word, and even “shuras,” or councils, to approve his military plans and his fatwas. [...] Bin Laden had established new training camps in Sudan, but he became a man without a country” “Bin Laden would say in retrospect that he was always aware who his enemies were.” “In an interview with Time magazine that December, he brushed aside President Clinton’s threats against him, and referred to himself in the third person, as if recognizing or encouraging the notion that he had become larger than life.”Another intresting thing that the blogger also says is.“I know that I’m not alone in the eerily similar references. Obviously, under no circumstances do I feel that the two men in question (the other, you can decide for yourself)”It is not humanly possible to ever compare these two individuals. Lebron James is professional NBA basketball player his job is to help his team win games. Osama’s soul purpose was to kill people and create havoc and suffering for the ones he affected.These two have absolutely nothing in common. I mean i hate Lebron for the way he acts and his demeanor.But, comparing a man who has killed 3,000 plus people to Lebron who has not killed one is down right insane.It also makes me laugh when he says “i’m not alone in the eerily references Obviously, under no circumstances do I feel that the two men in question (the other, you can decide for yourself”).Who besides this blogger would say “wait i know who Lebron reminds me of Osama Bin Laden”. Assuming that he is talking about Lebron but, it is common sense because Lebron is now one of the most hated people by the city of Cleveland. But, in no means does this mean he is a terrorist. the defination of a terroist is a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism. a person who terrorizes or frightens others. None of which can be applied to Lebron James.  

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