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Transitions!! 5 Major Things I Am Learning About My Courageous Self!

By Jenrene

I say this word with a HUGE sigh,  some restlessness …and many exasperated  sighs of angst!

I have had so many transitions that I have been through int he last month and I am going to tell you what I learned about them:

Sun Setting By JennRene

Sun Setting By JennRene

So here they are:

1. I left my full time job and found myself adjusting to a new life and schedule. I thought this new life would slow me down, but instead it sped me up, yet in a very delightful way… I found I have a new passion and its making me extremely joyful!

2. I ended relationships with about 24 women I had been working with for the past year, ( so I had a lot of grieving goin on…)  but I made it! It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life in terms of letting go…

3. I  began a new assignment working with and volunteering my time with a program for women where I am learning so much and sharing in teaching groups.

4. I joined a Celebrate Recovery group- (I have always wanted to attend one, so I could lead  groups at my church…yet what I am learning about myself is extremely  mind blowing!)

5. I found myself involved heavily in social media  consulting and helping  create content for blogs for people  who needed help, and… THEY PAY ME FOR IT!! ( smile…)

6. I began this esoteric ( if you will- ’esoteric’ means something is only understood by a select few…) spiritual journey that helps  me to see myself extremely different, I don’t  feel like myself anymore… it’s weird, because I feel like someone else, actually as if I am living a dream and it’s definitely a selfless dream!

7. I feel extremely motherly… like I feel as if I have  mothered women extensively for the past two years,  ( both on the job) , and not on the job, and because of it, i feel as if I have this supernatural powers to mother… it’s  like so surreal.

8. I feel as if I am giving birth, because not only am I in a learning curve, I am  learning MORE about ME… 7& 8  combined  informs me I am becoming  a better mother,and I hadn’t even realized it before I wrote this!

9. I have felt like my entire life is shifting, because I am writing more, and documenting more  about social media and I even went to a screenwriting session at a college, the other night! (And… I didn’t even initiate  it! my husband wanted to surprise me and had me go!)

10. I believe my biggest shift has been in working in my program three days a week. I didn’t expect to stay on, but then, I ended up sharing  and leading groups; and still teaching my same three groups. Changing from being a primary leader to a part-time leader  sort of shifts  your career and how you view it in a major way.

 Life Lesson: All of this teaches me three things I have learned about myself in the past few weeks:

  1.  I learned that despite how much I don’t like transition, it’s gonna happen anyway, whether we desire it, or not.
  2. I learned that  I absolutely LOVE my new life and the sense of vulnerability that comes with it…it’s making me JOYFUL.
  3.  I learned I am tremendously brave. Despite my reservation I had months before I left, I am developing and cultivating a different kind of peace, that looks like COURAGE.  And it feels AMAZING!!!
  4.  And last but not least, I am learning how to  acquiesce * (yield without protesting) . To Life and Living… in fact its the entire reason why  I began this blog! To fully embrace the  grace of life! And by golly, I am definitely getting it!
  5.  I found myself in being absolutely VULNERABLE and it’s making me again someone new! Which is  absolutely  relevant to Living a FREE Life!

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