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Transient MA Transgenders in Trance

Posted on the 25 February 2013 by Fadi Bejjani @DrFadiBejjani

Massachusetts does it again: The MA Department of Education has issued a new directive for schools in the handling of transgender students, including allowing them to use whichever restroom they choose, even if the other “normal” students are uncomfortable with that. MA is so far left these days it will fall soon in the ocean. This maybe the straw that brakes the camel’s back. We are painstakingly trying to forget that MA inspired the malevolent Obamacare and they won’t let us. Whatever happened to the State of Paul Revere and the Boston Tea Party, the State that produced JFK, Harvard and MIT.? It seems to be mired in political correctness that bends over backward to supposedly protect the rights of the few (as long as they have some non-traditional feature) at the detriment of the majority, because the latter happens to be mundanely normal.
I could see a lot of Massachusetts students declaring they are transgendered just to fit in or to get some privileges not available to others. After all, they do not have to present any proof, i.e. anatomical or biological,  except saying it is so. Wanna sneak in the girls’ locker room (dream of every teen age boy)? Say you are a transgender. Easy! I wish it was available when I was a kid. Then again no chance with the Jesuits!
This reminds me a movie that took place in an illustrious MA institution: Soul Man, a 1986 comedy film about a man who undergoes racial transformation with pills to qualify for a black-only scholarship at Harvard Law School. Is Transgender the new Black?
I do not know about you. but I am getting lost in the definitions and terminology. Is a transgender a soon to be transsexual crossdressing transvestite? Go figure. What it seems is that you could conveniently say you are a transgender on a Monday if it fits your plans and see the light on Tuesday. What a mess; and the teachers will have to accommodate all that. What if one of them is a transgender too? Imagine the lawsuits! Can a girl be a transgender? Why not? I am sure MA would not dare discriminate…unless you are a Kennedy!
Basically when a boy or a girl need to go to the restroom, they usually “need to pee”; they are not yearning to urinate to show off their transgenderness! the new MA policy has such a very broad standard that is ripe for abuse, and the MA lawyers (who wrote it I am sure) are already counting their bounties.
The directive also requires that all transgender students be allowed to participate in gender-specific activities that he or she identifies with. Here goes college football, and all other college sports potentially.
Beware the name calling and related epithets, adjectives and pronouns, For example, if Alexander goes through a gender transition while attending an MA school, instructors and school officials will then have to adopt the name the student prefers, such as Alexandra. It is Identity Shift as compared to Identity Theft.

Although not from MA, Leon Panetta issued his own spicy directive affording benefits to unmarried significant others of soldiers ONLY IF THEY ARE HOMOSEXUAL! Let us see how that PANS out! If you have a girlfriend you better marry because the army will only honor your concubine if it is a boyfriend! We are dangerously treading the same waters that old Greece, Rome, Persia and the Ottoman Empire treaded...before they were no more. 

Paul Revere would be Paulette Rivera and his famous lantern message from Old North would be:
One it’s by Stand, Two it’s by Seat!
P-S. This reminds me a very gay Paris Zagat rated restaurant One if by Land Two if by Sea, in the West Village at the ground floor of the building where I used to live in the early 80s. Any relation?

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