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Artist CondOmne Benedict Edict

Posted on the 22 April 2013 by Fadi Bejjani @DrFadiBejjani

Scheherazade was the star of One thousand and one nights, Kubrick the star/director of Two thousand and One Space Odyssey  Niki Johnson  was the star of Seventeen thousand multicolored condoms to weave into Pope Benedict's portrait. She painstakingly unwrapped 17,000 condoms of all colors (270 hours) and weaved them one by one in a canvas of Pope Benedict's portrait. Her stated goal: responding to the Pope condemning contraception in his African tour. I say she is an obscure self-proclaimed artist that craved the publicity...and she got it. As a matter of fact, she is getting more of it as we speak. She is another "accident" in the long line of publicity stuntmen and stunt-women that became (in)famous by desecrating Holy symbols of the Catholic Church: Elephant dung on Virgin Marie picture (please check facts Brooklyn Museum 10-15 yrs ago); Christ on the Cross in a glass full of urine (Piss Christ!), and others.The saddest and most revolting fact is not that much of these obscure artists profited from their disgusting deeds and became overnight sensations, but that the media condoned and encouraged this and there was no mass revolts in the streets to condemn these hideous acts that they called Art. Michelangelo is turning in his tomb.Remember the stupid amateurish video that supposedly caused the Benghazi massacres and the US Embassy attacks in Egypt and Tunis? One nobody amateur used a home camera to film a bad spoof about Prophet Mohammed, and put it on YouTube (like any snot-nosed teenager can do these days)...and you all saw the worldwide outrage and the political ramifications. Obama and Clinton even bought air time on Pakistani media to apologize about it on behalf of America (who had nothing to do with it by the way)!There are as many Catholics as Muslims in the world (about 1,2 billions). Are we supposed to keep turning the other cheek and be politically correct regarding freedom of speech and whatnot, while they will make a mountain out of every mole hill (check) and milk it to the bitter end to try to get more political advantage...and more inroads into our way of living?I said it in a previous blog and I am saying it again, the liberals who are supporting these so-called freedom of expression demonstrations and progressive deeds are NOT Muslims. I do not really know who or what they are but they are surely paving the way for Islam to slowly take over our Western civilization from within: Shari'a Law, homosexuality ban, no rights for women, polygamy, and especially NO separation between Religion and State. These are the dogmas we would be facing or should I say will be. Are these the changes American liberals want? I do not believe so. Hence. they should indeed be careful what they wish for. It is not the Al Qaeda skirmishes abroad that will destroy our Western civilization, it is this lascivious depraved immoral implosion that these so-called artists are fostering.While we are busy trying to change them in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Egypt, they are diligently working on changing us RIGHT HERE and we are being shamefully oblivious and dismissive. There is a thin line between naivete and stupidity and we are teetering on it.

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