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Tramadol Test

By Rubytuesday
I was at a meeting this weekWhere I was talking about anxietyI'm really struggling with it at the momentAnd it is driving me nutsIt affects everything I doAnd makes seemingly simple tasks impossibleAnxiety is a horrible thingIt's why so many people think they are having a heart attackWhen they are in fact having an anxiety attackI guess they are both similarThey both affect the breathing Tight chestPainPanicFearIt can be a terrifying experience
So I was at this meetingMy anxiety wasn't too bad that dayAnd I even managed to read out the daily reading Usually I can't read in public at all When I was finished speakingOne of the men began to shareHe said he was wondering why I read out the reading so fastBut now realised it was due to anxietyLater on he suggested that I try Tramadol for my anxietyI knew what Tranadol wasIt's a morphine based pain killerI remember when I was in hospital with pancreatitis Tramadol was the first thing they gave meIt didn't work at the timeAnywayI was chatting with my friend after the meetingShe told me not to listen to the manThat he was not wellI left the meetingAnd thought no more about itDuring the weekMy neighbor asked me if I would look after her dog for a few daysAs she was going awayI said I wouldSo I've been over and back to the houseFeeding the dogAnd bringing him for walksI decided to sit with him for a while last night in the kitchenI was watching tvMinding my own businessWhen I spotted some blisters of meds on the tableMy curiosity was prickedAnd I turned the pack over to see what they wereAnd wouldn't ya know itThey were TramadolI had a huge urge to take a coupleI must have sat staring at them for agesI had the dog on my lap And I kept thinkingJust oneOne won't hurtShe won't even noticeAt one point I picked up the packAnd was so close to taking a coupleBut some howI managed to resist I figured that my neighbor had trusted me with the key of her houseAnd left me in charge of her dogHow low would it be to steal her meds?This woman was recently widowed And the last thing she needs is her greedy addict next door neighbor helping herself to her medsI got home and breathed a sigh of reliefI can't lieI was very close to taking those tabletsIt was temptation in pill form I'm just so glad I didn't take themAnd it's because I have gotten stronger over the last monthThat I can resistIt's because I have been going to meetingsBecause I am working a programmeBecause I want to do the right thingBecause I want to get wellBecause I want to be a good personTramadol test passed...... 

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