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Training for My Next Deadlift Challenge

By Roserighter @roserighter
Its been exactly a year since my first deadlifting challenge when I took the state record. It was exciting for me, just finishing up with the local weight loss challenge that I was in and moving straight into competition. My max lift that day was 253 pounds. Not bad for a plus size women, I thought. Winning the award boosted my confidence and gave me more motivation to work hard at the gym.
Sadly, I haven't reached my weight loss goals yet. However, I have made huge strides in my training, my appearance and my attitude. I know how hard I work and see the changes reflected in my body. As hard as it is to not see the number going down on the scale each day, I know I am a healthier person. Its also the longest I've stuck with a workout program in my life. I can offically say that I have made exercise a part of my life.
I am in the process of signing up for the next meet, which is August 20th. We've been preparing at the gym for a while now, performing moves to strengthen my grip, my back, my core, my quads and my hanstrings. I see progress in all of those areas. My highest deadlift to date is 300 pounds. I'd like to lift 315-325 by the competition. I'm also hoping the adreneline rush will kick in and help me power through the exercise so I can lift more than I usually do at the gym. It is nerve wracking to lift in front of an audience, judges and cameras (especially in the outfit I have to wear!)
The next month or so at the gym will be tough. We've already added more ab work and more endurance training by pulling the weighted sled and pushing the prowler. The biggest battle for me if making sure I get enough protein in.

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