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Top Track Tuesday - #25

Posted on the 28 August 2012 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog

 This week the TLB Playlist was launched to allow you guys to know what sort of music I really am listening to. However, within the ten tracks I pulled out the proverbial bag was one that you're unlikely to know, and one I've not yet introduced, alas, I was waiting for this opportunity to do just that.
 Entertainment recently offered their most recent creation, Crushes, for a listen and free download and I have found it to be their best track yet and well worthy of this week's top spot on Tuesday.
There's a constant state of euphoria about it, despite it being an edgy and modern rock anthem ... The constant rate of music being played is fantastic to see and shows that a full and incredible track can still be made. It seems that the vocal iss somewhat different from before and is reminding me of Chutes, The Vaccines and China Rats, all at different places and time ... though none of the above are bad at all!!
I can imagine this being played during a barbecue/gathering or something along those lines - on a hot, but lazy day - as it fits the summery weather to a tee. You find yourself in one of two states constantly ... you could either jump around and move to its epic line of rhythm or, equally, you could just relax and listen to all of its subtle beauty.
My only complaint would be that the differentiation between guitar, drum and vocal volumes seem compressed in a way that there isn't any ... if this were to be the case, I think an even fuller and more spectacular sound could be had, nonetheless, Entertainment are currently rating very highly in my books and this is The Top Track Today!!
Crushes by Entertainment.

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