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Top Ten Posts on ‘operatoonity’ in 2012

By Galegirl

Operatoonity's Top TenWhy did viewers stop in on this blog in 2012? What posts did they read most in the past year?

Would it surprise you to know of the nearly 111,000 visitors to this blog in 2012, that, far and away, most were seeking a definitive list of top classical singers in the world today? Divas, then divos?

Frankly, I am not in the least bit startled by this news.

There are so few definitive “talent” lists around. And I should know. I searched feverishly for such a list not too long ago. That’s why I compiled  mine –I couldn’t find any good/current list of opera singers myself.

Not surprisingly, people continue to chime in on who should and shouldn’t have made these lists.  I knew each was an imperfect instrument when I compiled it, and I honestly think it’s time to upgrade each one, since the best talents in the operasphere can change or fade in a matter of only years. We are talking about the most delicate and sometimes most frail of instruments–the human voice–after all.

Other top topics were top tenors, best operas, and the beloved composers Puccini and Mozart.

Here then, according to my site stats, are the titles of the most-viewed posts and their visit numbers in 2012:

Title Views

best opera singers in the world today – female 29,375

best opera singers in the world today – male 22,212

today’s top tenors 9,829

get with it, NYC, says M.C. Hammer-bee 1,469

on Carmen’s anniversary, we celebrate its arias 726

100 greatest operas . . . really? 686

don’t quote me . . . 650

Puccini’s best opera? 524

what makes a great tenor? 514

Mozart, the ultimate cross-trainer 464

contemporary opera? modern opera? define, please 464

How about you? Why did you stop in on “Operatoonity”? Did you find what you were looking for this year?

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