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Top Destinations to Visit in Sapa

By Khanhpv

Many people say that more and Sapa barrels crowded and busy, however, you can still find some very private space of their own material, explore now with us.

Cat Cat village

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

Sapa from the center of Town Road, toward the mountains Fansipan about three kilometers, tourists will go to the Cat Cat village. 

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At the foot of the mountain of the town of Hoang Lien Son. A green field over the entire mountain, inclusion in the small house of people's life. All together, constitute a natural color, full of poetic part is not bad.

Rose Valley

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

Sapa has been the heart to do little love to travel, not just the sun, there are visitors immersed in a world of fantasy, full of poetic, especially when you see the beautiful valley of the rose line in a small town near the mountain flowers, sapa. In a total area of about 22ha Valley, formed from the two mountain and fanxipan function.

Rose Valley, visit, tourism, feel like losing a fairy garden with hundreds of original Sapa French Rose, rose red crisp, the experience of the United States is the most beautiful, a month to come here to visit the exhibition, the bonus is every year from March to November, when hundreds of Chinese in Hong Doo car racing. Create a beautiful picture.

O Quy Ho Pass

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

Is known as the magnificent Canyon in the north of the maximum length of 50km connected to the two street near the city of Lai Chau province and the mountain lake, O Quy Ho Pass lying highly curved in 2.000m, reversed by the high cliff towering and lofty abyss. However, if you overcome the fear and then climbed to the top of the mountain pass near the 2.000m level, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sea sky floating clouds, like the fairy realm. Because of this, it is the name of the portal.

Fansipan Challenge

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

Fansipan is the highest mountain in the Indochina Peninsula (3.143 meters), located in the central mountains of Hoang Lien Son. Although only 9 kilometers southwest of the town of Sapa, but if walking, climbing friends to spend three to four days to conquer the peak. Now, many professional and amateur mountaineers all the way to conquer the top fansipan. They can visit the travel company or self organization and local guide.

Or, you can choose to take the cable car. Fansipan cable car line started in 2016, has helped tens of thousands of tourists on the fansipan appreciate the roof on the top of the conquest of Indochina. This is a cable car to the Irish beer 2 record certificate for the Irish beer fansipan Sapa cable car cable car line: three degrees between the station and the terminal of the gap is the world's largest 1410m and cable car, three line: 6292.5m the world's most long time now appreciate the fansipan to withdraw from the 2 day, only a short 15 minutes.

Silver Falls

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

From Sapa town, go west about 12km on the road to Lai Chau, travelers will encounter Silver Falls rushing flowing down from a height of over 200m in stream valleys O Quy Ho, creating sound sound impressive mountains. But in the spring travelers should consider before visiting Silver Falls because then falls very little water. 3 km further away from the Silver Falls tourists to the famous Peak Pass. It offers great views up Fansipan, deep is the unique way to go to Binh Lu. 

Muong Hoa valley 

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

Muong Hoa valley commune Most Thao, Sapa town about 8km southeast. From Sapa town, crossing a mountain pass along the high mountains, you will arrive Muong Hoa valley. The special thing in this valley is the ancient stone engraved with different shapes, situated in between trees and terraced rice fields of ethnic minorities. Hundreds of carved sandstone rock drawings, the exotic characters have yet to determine the origin and meaning. Today, the ancient carved Rated national monuments, the unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese. At Muong Hoa valley with a small stream still beautiful stretches about 15 km, through the town of Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao and ends at Ban Ho. 

Ham Rong mountain

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

Observe the town from atop the 1,800 m high tower Ham Rong is an exciting experience that anyone should try to Sapa. The town in a different perspective. Roads, hotels and resorts under your feet suddenly small. Not only that, on Ham Rong mountain, you also admire the colorful flower gardens and walking through the small rocky ravine in Shilin stone garden. 

Sapa stone church 

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

Stone Church of Sapa is located in the center of Sapa town, was built in 1895 is considered an ancient architectural imprint of French integrity remains. Cathedral was embellished and preserved, become an integral picture of Sapa town when it comes to smog. 

Gem Valley 

Top destinations to visit in Sapa

Nearly always mentioned first when talking about coffee in Sapa, Gem Valley is very famous cafe with tourists in the country and internationally. Games 2km from the center, and is located at the top of Cat Cat, Gem Valley is easy to find.

Outside flower shop is a climbing frame covered everywhere. Gamut from old brick and wood makes the Gem Valley looks rustic, cozy and very mountainous. Inside the exhibition space the paintings of an artist Hanoi, if you prefer, you can enjoy art and learn the story behind. The balcony was very nice wooden tables for you to sit with cup of coffee and look down the entire valley of Cat Cat rice. Looked away a little would be imposing Fansipan Mountain.

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