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Top 6 Places to Shop in London

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc

The Best Shopping Guide To London

Top 6 Places to Shop in London
With the eclectic mix of the luxurious and thrifty shoppers, the shopping scene in London is eccentric. London’s shopping is not just about the obvious high-street chains, impressive labels, or big department stores, but is also about getting more personalized, going boutique, and going local, as it develops an charm of affordability of its own. The unique items, personal touches, and friendly services have all played their role in London’s contemporary shopping experience.
Whether you are on the lookout for some quirky finds or luxury goods, you can easily spend the entire day shopping and end your day watching shows at
Harold Pinter Theatre. Here are some of the city’s most popular shopping destinations that every shopper should visit.
Potobello Road:
Home to the largest antique market in the world, the Portobello Road opens six days every week and buzzles with quirky arcades, art galleries, and boutique shops.
Convent Garden:
Famous for its vibrant piazza and world-class street performers, Convent Garden is a rolled-into-one shopping, entertainment, nightlife, sightseeing, and dining place. A trip to London would be incomplete without visiting this iconic shopping region where you will be able to find local and ethnic products and food, high-end designers, high street favorites, and quirky boutiques.
Top Shop Oxford Circus:
More than just the country’s largest Topshop, the vast emporium in Oxford Street is an attraction on its own. It is where you can find literally thousands of reasonably-priced shoes, dresses, tops, and more. Just right around the corner, you can find TopMan where fellas can get a pedicure, makeover, and haircut.
Carnaby Street:
Emerged as London’s center for culture and music for youth in the 1960s, Carnabu Street is now spawning an array of cutting edge fashion spots and trendy boutiques in the city’s west end location. Just around the corner, you will find Liberty, a historic Tudor building, which has been famous for its Oriental offerings, scarves, and silks.
Westfield Stratford City:

Known as Europe’s largest urban shopping mall, the East London Westfield is a new spectacular lifestyle destination. It is a home to U.K.’s largest casino, bowling alley, 17-screen cinema, and a wide range of world-class leisure amenities. Also, since it is located in the Olympic Park’s gateway, it is perfect for a Park’s fab tour before or after shopping.
Camden Markets:
Known as Camden Lock, the Camden Markets has no comparison anywhere in the world. It started as a small craft market for the locals and now has become an overflowing complex of various markets. Despite being one of the most visited shopping destinations in London, Camden manages to keep its left-field and eclectic charisma. You can expect the unexpected as you shop around its endless stalls of ethnic art, jewelry, food, craft, clothes, and more.

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