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Top 5 Most Popular YouTube Channels in 2020

Posted on the 27 March 2020 by Rahulthepcl

Throughout all these years, YouTube has presented quite a few exciting videos and channels. Not only do we all enjoy the new content that is always coming out, but it seems like some are more popular than others and can dominate the video platform. So without further ado, here are the 5 most popular YouTube channels that can provide you with more info concerning the material that YouTube allows.

The 5 Most Popular YouTube Channels

Below are a few most popular YouTube channels you must know about and follow in 2020. They are following different genres, that is why they are popular in their fields.

If stuck like glue to YouTube, then you probably know all about PewDiePie and its creator Felix Kjellberg. Felix is famous for his outlandish vlogs, and memes that surround him into hot water with YouTube. For example, when he posts videos that are anti-Semitic or the times when he spits out racial slurs as well as a multitude of other crazy stuff that shows his true feelings towards our world.
However, it doesn't seem to have affected any of his followers and subscribers as they continue to tune in to see what is new. This is pretty impressive since he has had one series canceled by YouTube, lost a relationship with Disney, and had his Ad status removed by Google. Precisely, not a very common thing among the list of most popular YouTube channels in the list.

    Current Subscriber Count in Millions: 103

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect began in 2009 and continues to be a channel that provides very entertaining content. Ever since the beginning, Tyler Toney continues to provide some great videos that demonstrate his skill along with some supportive messages.
According to Tyler, the ultimate goal of the channel is to give the glory of it to Jesus. The Dudes want to make the channel a complete devotion to a higher purpose than them.

    Current Subscriber Count in Millions: 48


HolaSoyGerman is another channel stemming from Garmendia and extends from his other channel where gaming is not involved. He has earned a couple of Diamond Play Buttons because of his channels. Besides having his channels, he keeps himself occupied by staying involved with Greenpeace, is a band member, and sells a variety of books.

    Current Subscribers Count in Millions: 40

Like Nastya Vlog

If you are aware of whom Nikia and Vlad are, then you also know that Nastya is similar to them. Nastya also creates kid vids and employs the help of her dad to help bring fairy tales and nursery rhymes to life through scripted adventures. Throughout their videos, you can expect a ton of costumes and kids' castles.

    Current Subscribers Count in Millions: 39.6

Kids Diana Show

It's hard to explain why kids love watching others unboxing new toys that they would love to have for themselves. They seem to go crazy over it. It is like a new trend that takes the internet by storm, however, for Kids Diana Show has managed to gain quite a bit of fame by focusing on pretend play that she instills each time there are new toys introduced. Occasionally, you will see Roma, but he is not involved in her channel.

    Current Subscribers Count in Millions: 38.7

Therefore, the above were some of the best and most popular YouTube channels in 2020 you should know about. After all, following content and vlogs could help you kill the time efficiently and know about the things you never knew about. You can also create your channel, who knows some day it counts down in the list of most popular YouTube channels now.

Happy Watching!

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